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# Title
16 The Materiality of High Altitudes and High Latitudes [MERC] view
17 Medieval Archaeology in Europe today [MERC] view
27 Archaeological Perspectives on Reform and Revolution: Material Culture in the Long Eleventh Century [MERC] view
39 Recent Archaeological Investigation in Inhabited Medieval Rural Settlements: New Perspectives from Historic Communities Past and Present [MERC] view
43 The Political Geography of Western Anatolia in the LBA, and the Region’s Interaction with its Neighbours, in Particular the Balkan view
46 Central Mediterranean Prehistory at the EAA25 Turn: Research Advances and New Directions view
55 Forgotten Castle Landscapes: Connecting Research and Heritage, Monuments and Landscapes [MERC] view
57 From Local to Global. Current Perspectives on Education and Cultural Heritage view
60 Beyond "Founder Crops": New Insights into Understudied Food Plant Resources view
66 Professional Communication of Archaeological Research - Trainings and Owned Media view
68 15 Years after Merriman - Public Archaeology: Looking back and Thinking about the Future view
69 Populism, Identity Politics and the Archaeology of Europe [EJA] view
73 Messy Methods: Heritage Studies and the Quest for Multi-methodological Approaches view
74 De-colonisation at EAA 25 Years on: the Social-economic Contribution of Cultural Heritage Conservation [SAfA] view
76 Systemic Approaches to Juvenile Funerary Rituals. Atypical, Deviant or Normative? Going Beyond Paradigms view
81 From Micro- to Macroscale: It’s All a Matter of Perspective view
85 Tracking Neolithisation Processes on Both Sides of the Sinai: a Bridge Between the Near East and Northeastern Africa [SAfA] view
88 Funerary Practices at Çatalhöyük and in the Neolithic Near East: Multidisciplinary Perspectives view
90 ‘Massive Migrations’? Multiscalar and Multidisciplinary Approaches to Prehistoric Migrations and Mobility in Europe view
91 Bioarchaeological Approaches to Understanding the Long-term Development of Mountain Societies view
94 Working with Ceramics in the 21st Century [MERC] view
95 CPAA Session: Organising Archaeologists – Archaeological Associations of Europe [CIfA] view
97 Motherhood in (Pre-)history from a Combined Bio-archaeological and Social Perspective view
107 Living (World) Heritage Cities. Insights from Archaeology and History, Geography and Social Sciences, and Planning and Design view
109 Getting into Shape: Reconsidering the Relationships between Perception, Skill, Cognition and Materials in the Design of Ancient Figurines view
111 Development of Heritage Management Education view
114 Illegal Obtaining and Trade of Archaeological Artefacts: Status Quo and Counteraction view
121 Current Research and the Development of National Post-medieval Archaeologies over the Last 25 Years [MERC] view
125 Communities, Identities, Rituals. The Bronze/Iron Age Urnfields as a Pan-European Phenomenon view
128 Breaking Old Paradigms: the Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology of Pastoralism in the Inner Areas of the Mediterranean Basin view
133 Ancient Textile Production from an Interdisciplinary Approach: Humanities and Natural Sciences Interwoven for our Understanding of Textiles view
140 Furnished Interiors in the Ancient Mediterranean and Egypt view
142 So Close, No Matter How Far? Sketching the Relationship between Water- and Landscapes across Europe view
144 Towards a Spatial Data Infrastructure for Archaeology view
150 Decolonising Space view
152 Approaching Health Status, Health Care and People’s Wellbeing in the Past from a Dental Anthropological Perspective view
155 Household Textiles in and Beyond Viking Age [MERC] view
156 Crafting for the User: the Intersection of Daily Life and Object-making view
157 At the Fringe of Early Neolithisation – from the Coasts to the Mountains [PaM] view
162 Culture Contacts in the Western Mediterranean Sea during the Roman Age. Pottery as Cultural Marker between Traffics and Local Productions view
164 The Archaeology of Medicine and Healing in Prehistoric and Protohistoric Europe view
168 Vitrified Vikings? [MERC] view
169 Crimes in the Past: Archaeological and Anthropological Evidence view
171 Critical Ideas – Reflexive Archaeologies view
172 Transitions in Agriculture: Integrating Archaeological Sciences view
173 Archaeology of Mountainous Landscapes in Balkan Prehistory view
174 Archaeology, Heritage and Public Value view
175 Research Data and Digital Corpora: From Archaeological Findings to Artefacts of the Future view
177 EAA2500 - Thinking the Future in Archaeology and Archaeological Heritage Management view
178 Macro Weather – Micro Climate: Local Palaeo-Climate Reconstructions and Social Responses at a Human Scale view
179 Life of the Frontier: Frontier Heritages and Living Histories view
180 Gender Is Burning! 10 Years of AGE Community and the Current State in Gender Archaeology view
181 Sanctuaries of Euboea Island (Greece) and its Colonies: Recent Excavations and Studies view
184 From Landscape Archaeology to Soundscape Archaeology: Themes, Approaches, and Perspectives view
185 Power and Satisfaction of Needs in Centres of Power [MERC] view
191 From Science to History: Interpreting Archaeometallurgy view
193 Patterns of the Deep Past. Interrogating the ‘Long Term’ in Archaeology and History [PaM] view
196 Gender and Other Barriers: Archaeological Perspectives view
197 Crafting Relevant Stories: Steps Towards a Socially Engaged Urban Archaeology [MERC] [SAfA] view
198 The Archaeology of Globalization beyond the Latest Paradigm [MERC] view
199 Rethinking the Interpretation of Vertical Past Land Use on Mountain Environments view
200 Block by Block. Archaeologies of Urban Life from Classical Antiquity to the Middle Ages view
201 The 3 Dimensions of Digitalized Archaeology – Data Management, Scientific Benefit and Risks of Data Storage in Archaeological Image-Based 3D-Documentation view
202 Medieval Buildings at Risk: Challenges, Analyses, and Solutions [MERC] view
203 The Age beyond ‘Paradigms’ - Eclectic Shapes of Processualism 2.0? view
208 Gender and Technology in Archaeological Studies of Everyday Life (AGE Session) view
209 Do We Still Need La Tène? Perspectives from the Margins view
210 Methodological Developments in Funerary Taphonomy view
212 Roman Archaeology and the 21st Century view
213 Humans beyond Arrowheads. Questioning the Interpretative Value of Arrowheads and Other Tools for Reconstructing People Identities in Prehistoric Societies [PaM] view
216 NEO-JADE: New Patterns in Stone Age Exotic Stone Exploitation around the World view
217 'Ubiquitous Monuments, Ubiquitous Places'. Current Research in Barrow Landscapes from Prehistoric to Modern Times [MERC] view
218 Why We Think We Know What They Did: Data, Experiments and Models of Neolithic Land Use view
225 Organic Containers and Ceramic - Supplementary or Counterweight? view
228 Living on the Edge? New Advances on Peripheral Space in Prehistory view
229 Communities of Southern Italy between the Local and the Global? view
233 SEAC 27: Cultural Astronomy and Ontology: How Celestial Objects and Events Have Featured in the Belief Systems and Cosmologies of Different Societies view
234 Crossing New Borders: Promoting Collaboration between EU, non-EU and ex-EU Archaeologists [CIfA] view
237 From Element Concentration to (Pre)history – pXRF as Tool for an Interpretive Archaeology view
238 Functional Analyses of Hunter-gatherer Lithic Tool Assemblages [PaM] view
239 Un-packaging Neolithic Societies: from Static Notions to Bottom-up Models of Social Organization view
240 “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”: Sugar Pot Production and Circulation in Europe and the Mediterranean in Medieval and Post-Medieval Times [MERC] view
241 Let the Lead Cloth Seals Speak – The Production, Trade and Consumption of Cloth in Medieval and Early Modern Europe [MERC] view
243 Times of Change: Late Neolithic Lifestyle and Population Dynamics in Central Europe view
245 What Is a Village? Challenging Concepts and Methods of Iron Age and Medieval Villages, Hamlets and Single Settlements [MERC] view
247 SEAC 27: Frontiers in Theory, Methodology and Education within Cultural Astronomy view
248 SEAC 27: The Archaeology of Astronomy: Concepts of Space and Time Materialised in Cultures view
251 The 4th M BC in Europe: Exploring the Supraregional Entanglements as Triggers for Cultural, Social and Economic Transformations view
252 In Search of Cloudstones*? Lithic Raw Material Procurement in Mountainous and Alpine Regions during the Mesolithic and Neolithic view
255 Publishing in International, Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals view
257 Spas: a Cultural Phenomenon in the Mirror of Present Archaeological and Interdisciplinary Research [MERC] view
259 The Creative Reinterpretation of Material Culture in Prehistoric Societies: A Reappraisal view
260 Deconstruction of Prehistoric Economy: Value, Barter and Interpretation of Non-Monetary Finds in Archaeology view
266 A United Europe of Things: Was There a Common Horizon of Material Culture in the Late Medieval Europe? [MERC] view
268 Disability and Care in Medieval Times: a Bioarchaeological Perspective into Health-related Practices [MERC] view
270 Animals on the Move: When, How and the Implication for Humans view
271 Rock-cut Architecture: Communities, Landscapes and Economy view
272 Crop Husbandry Across the Iron Age and Roman Periods: Bringing Together the Picture of Human-crop Interaction across Europe view
273 Preventive Archaeology in the post-Malta Age: the Challenges to Be Faced view
274 Knowledge Transfer between Mining Communities view
279 Quantifying Stone Age Mobility: Scales and Parameters [PaM] view
280 New Approaches in Bioarchaeology view
281 Scientific Dating and Central-Western Mediterranean Prehistory: Developments and Perspectives view
282 New Developments in the Bioarchaeological Study of Cremated Bone view
283 Emerging Nodes of Power in Iron Age Europe: the Seventh Century BC view
284 Untangling the Final Palaeolithic and Early Mesolithic in Europe [PaM] view
286 Blades Still a Big Deal? – Laminar Technology in the Middle Palaeolithic and Middle Stone Age [PaM] [SAfA] view
287 Archaeology in Schools. International Approaches in Comparison view
288 Comparative Kingship: the Early Medieval Kingdoms of Northern Britain and Ireland in their European Context [MERC] view
289 European Origins and Fading Heritage view
290 Living on the Water. The Pile-dwelling Structures between Human Activities and the Environment view
291 Contextualizing Archaeological Engagement in the Field, Lab, Museum, and Media view
292 Process of Change from Late Acheulean to Early Middle Stone Age / Early Middle Palaeolithic in Africa and Eurasia [PaM] [SAfA] view
293 The Conservation Archaeology of Dry Stone Monuments view
295 Between Kings, Chieftains and Slaves? New Ways of Tracing Social Stratification in the Central European Early Bronze Age view
296 Discussing the Value and Public Utility of Archaeology view
301 The Role of ICAHM in Supporting ICOMOS and UNESCO in the Context of World Heritage Sites view
302 Insights into the Inside. The Construction of Ramparts and Related Questions about a Key Element of Prehistoric Fortifications view
303 Building Blocks and Binding Agents - Social and Landscape Impact of Stone Building in the Alps view
304 Archaeology for the Public: Developing Models and Tools for Assessing Public Outreach in Archaeology view
305 Roundtable Climate Change and Heritage (CCH) view
307 Unveiling Invisibility: Exploring Knowledge, Interdisciplinarity and Identity through the Histories of Archaeological Collections view
309 Logistics and Natural Resources: Unravelling the Dynamics of Supply and Transportation of Bulk Materials for Construction Purposes view
310 The Importance of Fishing for Cultural Development in the Early and Mid Holocene in Northern Europe [PaM] view
315 Funerary Practices in Late Roman Period and Early Middle Ages [MERC] view
317 Celebrating 25 Years (EAA25) of Collaboration: How Archaeology and the Earth Sciences Are Coming Together to Solve Real-world Problems view
318 Bending the Arc of History to a Low Carbon Future view
319 Settling at High Altitudes. Intra-site and Inter-site Variability, Site Function and Mobility of Hunter-gatherers and the First Agro-pastoral Societies [PaM] view
321 Mountain and City, Nature and Human Being. A Mutual Conditioning between Humans and Landscape during the Roman Period view
322 Collaborative Archaeological Fieldwork and Intellectual Property in the Digital World view
324 Politics of Heritage and New Authoritarianisms view
325 Challenging Change: Practical Strategies for Horizontal and Vertical Collaboration to Combat Climate Change in the Historic Environment view
328 Mentoring for Archaeologists (Annual Round Table of the EAA Committee on the Teaching and Training of Archaeologists) [CIfA] view
330 Underwater Archaeology in Europe – Where Do We Stand? view
335 '... In with the New!' Up and Coming Archaeological Research in Medieval Europe in 2019 [MERC] view
336 Reaches of Empire: Historical Archaeology and New - Global - Insights into European Expansion [MERC] [SAfA] view
337 The Haptic Dimension of Archaeological Objects view
338 SEAC 27: Archaeology and Cultural Astronomy, Bridging the Gap between Trench and Sky view
339 Ethics and Practice in the Excavation and Analysis of Historic Human Remains and Associated Cultural Material [MERC] [CIfA] view
340 Building a Future for Urban Archaeology: the Urban Archaeological Community at Work view
342 Publicly Speaking: The Changing Face of Public Archaeology and International Heritage Interpretation, EAA 25 view
343 Heritage, Culture, Ideology and Archeological Aesthetics during Dictatorial Regimes in Europe and America view
344 Stumbling Block or Common Ground? The Question of Standardisation of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Lithic Analysis [PaM] view
346 Knotting, Twisting and Plaiting: Looking for Direct and Indirect Archaeological Evidences view
347 Food Economy and Foodways of Jews and Muslims through the Ages – Archaeological Insights [MERC] view
349 Is Archaeology a Citizen-science? The Role of Archaeologists and Archaeological Institutions within our Society in Question [CIfA] view
351 Community Archaeology in Europe view
353 Let's Talk about Sex view
355 The Politics of the Roman Past in the 21st Century view
356 The Power of the Invisible. Discussing Social, Political and Environmental Impact of Transformations in Textile Production view
359 URBANITAS – Exploring Urban Ways of Life in the Past and in the Present view
360 Is Archaeology Practical? view
361 Reconnecting the Interplay of Fortifications and Religious Buildings within their Landscapes: Castles, Monasteries and Churches Re-Examined [MERC] view
365 Managing (Mass) Tourism at Heritage Attractions (Sites and Museums): How Do We Bridge the Gap? view
366 History and Prehistory of Space: the Archaeological Viewpoint view
367 Stairways to Heaven? Mountainous Landscapes as Spiritual and Ritual Topographies view
368 EAA-SAA Sponsored Session: Fostering Transatlantic Links to Strengthen the Profession and Relevance of Archaeology view
369 Rhythms in Material Culture view
370 President´s Thing 2019: 25 Years After view
371 Trial and Error in Times of Transition view
374 Babies, Bathwaters, Wheels, and Chariots: Assessing the Impact of David Anthony’s Work on European and Eurasian Steppe Prehistory view
375 European Crypt Burials - a Heritage at Risk between Science and Public Display [MERC] view
376 Islamicate Archaeology in Europe [MERC] view
382 The Presentation, Interpretation and Conservation of Archaeological and Heritage Sites: Transnational, Diachronic and Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Part 1 view
383 The Presentation, Interpretation and Conservation of Archaeological and Heritage Sites: Transnational, Diachronic and Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Part 2 view