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Archaeological heritage and museum management: future chances, future risks
Session format:
Round table (only list of confirmed discussants(session co-organizers)

Title & Content

Development of Heritage Management Education
The concept of archaeological heritage management (AHM) has been key to wider archaeological research and preservation agendas for some decades. Many universities and other education providers now offer what is best termed heritage management education (HME) in various forms. In 2017 an innovative working-conference ‘Development and Best Practices of (Archaeological) Heritage Management as a Course’ was organized and attended in Tampere, Finland by the organizers of this session. We initiated a debate on what the components of Archaeological Heritage Management (AHM) as a course or curriculum should include. The Tampere working-conference was a starting point for a robust discussion about how university teaching and training can contribute to the shaping of a new all-round heritage professional that can operate effectively in different contexts.
In this round table we would like to follow-up on these discussions by focusing on one of the main outcomes that 'there is a need for a curriculum in AHM that is better aligned with practice'.
Heritage Manangement Education, Curriculum design, Teaching, Training
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Main organiser:
Annemarie Willems (Finland) 1,2
Kenneth Aitchison (United Kingdom) 3
1. AW Heritage Consultancy
2. Helsinki University
3. Landward Research Ltd