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Archaeological theory and methods beyond paradigms
Session format:
Round table (only list of confirmed discussants(session co-organizers)

Title & Content

Gender Is Burning! 10 Years of AGE Community and the Current State in Gender Archaeology
The proposal for an EAA community on Gender and Archaeology in Europe, came at the EAA session “Gender, Identity and Materiality” organized in Malta (2008). The first official action of the community “Archaeology and gender in Europe” (AGE) was the organization of a round table “Gender and Archaeology in Europe” in Riva del Garda (2009). Ten years have passed since the forming of AGE – ten years which, in many aspects, have been quite worrying at a global level. We have, for instance, witnessed the rise of nationalist and right-wing ideologies in many European countries and beyond. This has resulted in attempts to ban university programs in gender studies outside archaeology, based on the argument that they represent ideology rather than science. Some have questioned the validity of awards for female scientists, and invoked political reasons for achieving gender equality through these awards. At the same time, several groups have demonstrated increased levels of sexual harassment in archaeology. This roundtable aims to reflect upon these matters in the context of gender archaeology. What is the situation of gender in archaeology today? What changes have these last ten years brought? What is the role of AGE as a community in these matters and what should be its future trajectory? We invite contributors to explore topics such as the incorporation of gender-related themes in contemporary archaeological education and investigation, in university programs and agendas of research institutes; sexual harassment in archaeology; as well as LGBTQ rights and the use of archaeology in homo-nationalist discourses.
gender, archaeology, politics, education, research
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AGE community (Archaeology and Gender in Europe)


Main organiser:
UROS MATIC (Germany) 1
Margarita Sanchez Romero (Spain) 2
Laura Coltofean (Spain) 3
1. Institute for Egyptology and Coptic Studies, University of Muenster
2. Department of Prehistory and Archaeology, University of Granada
3. Department of History and Archaeology, University of Barcelona