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Archaeological theory and methods beyond paradigms
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Regular session

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The Archaeology of Globalization beyond the Latest Paradigm
Recent research has made clear that complex connectivities between communities go back a long time, and that the body of theories we call Globalization studies can add a lot to the understanding of the ancient world. The word globalization defines processes of increasing connectivities that unfold and the consequent social awareness of those same connectivities. The theoretical frame implemented by scholars to understand present day globalization is then a precious tool in the archaeologist’s box. Studying ancient globalization implies a network approach which overcomes a territorial model centred on the ideas of domain and borders. Globalizations paved the way to transculturality, which should be understood as those cultural conditions characterized by permeation and intermingling.
The Archaeology of Globalization includes methodological issues that are valid when applied to different historical periods and areas of the globe. The purpose of this session is to provide new insights into interconnections and interactions among regions of the ancient world. Key issues include the development of complex trade networks, the spread of religions, the diffusion of global fashions, the migration of technologies, the involvement of public and private initiatives, the inset of multiculturalism, interculturalism and transculturalism. This session aims at prevent the Archaeology of Globalisation from becoming paradigmatic, and it will highlight strength and weaknesses of the current approach. The Archaeology of Globalization is a current trend and several scholars are working on related topic around the globe even if a real dialogue is lacking. Embracing new theories, elaborating new approaches, ancient globalization can now be studied using new optics, without isolating local contexts from the global network, and adding to the theoretical debate beyond disciplines boundaries. This session will strengthen the understanding of issues and geographies that don't fit into existing divisions of academia, developing new practices, approaches, and opportunities.
globalization, transculturation, connectivities, networks, glocal, transculture
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Main organiser:
Serena Autiero (Netherlands) 1
Matthew Cobb (United Kingdom) 2
1. VIDYA - Arti e Culture dell'Asia
2. University of Wales Trinity Saint David