Session: #202

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Archaeological heritage and museum management: future chances, future risks
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Regular session

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Medieval Buildings at Risk: Challenges, Analyses, and Solutions
The challenges facing medieval buildings, and those who study them, have never been greater. There are a number of obstacles including planning restrictions, ownership, funding, and, more so now than ever, climate change. Rising sea levels are destroying coastal buildings, increased acidic rainfall is causing greater rates of erosion, creeping desert sands are crushing ruins, and record-breaking winds are causing monumental collapses. There is a renewed sense of urgency to record and attempt to save medieval buildings at risk.

Archaeologists cannot stop climate change nor eradicate many of the challenges facing medieval buildings; however, is the sector doing enough to make a priority of saving buildings at risk? Are local solutions adequate or is a broader approach required? This session invites papers documenting medieval buildings at risk from any challenge particularly, but not restricted to, climate change. Furthermore, stories of success and failure in relation to restoration, preventive conservation, planning legislation, as well as exploratory papers examining possible solutions are welcomed.
medieval buildings, heritage, climate change
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Main organiser:
Sarah Kerr (United Kingdom) 1
Laura Patrick (United Kingdom) 2
Jeroen Bouwmeester (Netherlands) 3
1. Trinity College Dublin
2. Queen's University Belfast
3. Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed