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Interpreting the archaeological record: artefacts, humans and landscapes
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Regular session

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Do We Still Need La Tène? Perspectives from the Margins
The concept of a La Tène period – soon conceptualised in terms of a ‘culture’ and frequently equated with an alleged ‘Celtic’ ethnicity – has been a fundamental element of archaeological narratives for over a century. As the EAA annual meeting moves for the first time to Switzerland, the home of the eponymous archaeological site of La Tène, it is a good occasion to revisit this influential concept and how it has shaped (and still shapes) Iron Age interpretations and practices. This session invites proposals that rethink some of the main elements linked to the La Tène concept, from chronologies to migrations and models of cultural contact. In particular – but not exclusively –, we invite papers that take a critical look at the concept from the ‘margins’, i.e. areas such as south-eastern Europe, northern Germany, Britain and Iberia that have traditionally been regarded as peripheral. How can we move away from these core-periphery models? How did artistic styles spread and develop? What do we mean by “latènisation”, and how did it work (if it did)? And what lessons can we learn from the margins in order to reconceptualise the very foundations of the La Tène concept and to develop alternatives?
La Tène, Late Iron Age, Europe, Margins
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Main organiser:
Manuel Fernández-Götz (United Kingdom) 1
Hrvoje Potrebica (Croatia) 2
Matija Črešnar (Slovenia) 3
1. University of Edinburgh
2. University of Zagreb
3. University of Ljubljana