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Archaeological heritage and museum management: future chances, future risks
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Regular session

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Contextualizing Archaeological Engagement in the Field, Lab, Museum, and Media
The future of archaeology has become increasingly complicated as public perceptions of the discipline impact funding opportunities, research scopes, and heritage management policies. These impacts affect our research in a variety of contexts ranging from the field to governmental and regulating agencies. All archaeologists should consider the future of our sites, collections, data, and the broader discipline because today’s research and public engagement shape the future potential of archaeological investigations. Likewise, all archaeologists must consider the role of engagement alongside the eventual dissemination of knowledge, not just data, to a general, public audience, via diverse media. Consequently, our interaction with the public must adapt to changes in the social context of archaeology, demonstrating to the public what archaeology is, why archaeology matters, and in doing so, defining legitimate, scientific archaeology from sensationalized pseudoscience. This session explores strategies that contextualize archaeological engagement by addressing these issues and drawing on case studies demonstrating critical and creative approaches to high-quality research, instruction, and engagement. Contributions will address methodologies employed in various disciplinary contexts, utilizing case studies to demonstrate solutions that engage and inform the public while maintaining rigorous professional standards.
Engagement, Heritage Management, Future
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Main organiser:
William Balco (United States) 1
Edoardo Bedin (Croatia) 2
1. University of North Georgia
2. Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu