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Archaeological heritage and museum management: future chances, future risks
Session format:
Regular session

Title & Content

Archaeology for the Public: Developing Models and Tools for Assessing Public Outreach in Archaeology
Join an ongoing discussion of archaeology and public engagement that started at the 2018 EAA meeting in Barcelona. In this session we will present and build on the results of the 2018 session that provided an overview of various outreach methods and useful evaluation and assessment practices that have already been developed in various countries. We will share ideas, consider the preparation of a statement of ethics and a set of guidelines for practitioners, discuss the effective implementation of evaluation and assessment for the programs, and continue to expand the support network for archaeological outreach that we initiated in Barcelona. We want to hear from individuals, organizations, museums, historical societies, state and federal agencies, and private foundations around the world that are involved with archaeological outreach including programs that inform and educate the public about archaeology in non-academic or informal settings. What types of programs do you organize? What are the goals of these programs? What are the issues and challenges you face? How do you evaluate the success of your programs? We hope that this discussion will allow us develop a robust approach to public outreach and engagement.
Archaeological Outreach, Public Engagement, Non-traditional Programs, Networking, Assessment
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Main organiser:
Ben Thomas (United States) 1
Tuija-Liisa Soininen (Finland) 2
1. Archaeological Institute of America
2. Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum