Session: #321

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Archaeology of mountainous landscapes
Session format:
Regular session

Title & Content

Mountain and City, Nature and Human Being. A Mutual Conditioning between Humans and Landscape during the Roman Period
This session will explore the topic through different case-studies of cities and infrastructures in mountainous regions during the Republican and Imperial periods, in order to highlight the variety of possible interactions between human communities and these specific environments. Archaeology provides a valuable wealth of still-visible evidence for landscape transformations in mountain areas.
The aim of this session is to understand how urbanistic choices, either determined by the central authority or carried out by individuals (e.g. benefactors), altered the environment, and how buildings and structures have been shaped in their architectural features to adapt to the local morphology. Alpine regions or other mountain areas highly affect the planning and the arrangement of cities. The necessity of overcoming relevant natural constraints determined a variety of peculiar architectural choices and works.
We welcome papers that innovatively explore the position and building technique of structures for public utility (hydraulic structures, defensive systems, entertainment buildings as well as buildings serving religious, administrative and commercial purposes) in Roman cities. A particular emphasis should be given to the construction technique in relation to the physical geography of mountain areas. For this specific topic it is important to address the reasons why a structure has been built in a particular location, instead of elsewhere.
Papers can address Alpine regions or other mountainous areas within the limits of the Roman Empire. A round table will follow the presentations, in order to promote discussion and to identify similarities and differences among the case-studies presented in the session.
Urbanization, Roman cities, Public buildings, Landscape
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Main organiser:
Dario Canino (Italy) 1,2
Ilaria Trivelloni (Italy) 3,2
Luisa Migliorati (Italy) 2
Michel Fuchs (Switzerland) 3
1. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
2. Sapienza Università di Roma
3. UNIL - Université de Lausanne