Session: #330

Theme & Session Format

Archaeological heritage and museum management: future chances, future risks
Session format:
Discussion session (with formal abstracts)

Title & Content

Underwater Archaeology in Europe – Where Do We Stand?
Underwater archaeology is one of the most important disciplines within the framework of archaeology in general. It covers all periods and types of sites and includes not only maritime contexts but large areas both inland and along the sea coasts. Technical and methodological developments in recent decades, particularly in recent years, combined with excellent preservation conditions on sites have brought about an exponential growth in research possibilities and results. In times of climatic changes and extensive economic development effecting our coastal areas in particular, the practice of underwater archaeology has become increasingly significant in terms of cultural heritage preservation, protection and presentation.
An event such as the 25th Anniversary provides the EAA with an important opportunity to take stock: not only to reflect on past achievements but also to target areas of professional practice that are still underrepresented within the Association. The session, formally supported by the EAA Executive Board, is intended to (re)introduce underwater archaeology to the EAA agenda.
This exploratory session will assess the state of play in underwater archaeology in Europe. We would like to invite leading practitioners in this field, working within Europe or further afield, to focus on the challenges facing the discipline, for instance in formulating and enforcing national and international policy, but also the successes, and innovations within all aspects of the field of underwater cultural heritage management , ranging from long-term research or infrastructural projects and synthetic works to community participation at home or abroad. In conclusion, the session aims to propose how the EAA can provide its members with an effective platform and network to develop and promote best practice, cooperation and dissemination of research, within the field of underwater cultural heritage.
Underwater Archaeology, Policy, Research
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Main organiser:
Karen Waugh (Netherlands) 1,2
Beat Eberschweiler (Switzerland) 3
Martijn Manders (Netherlands) 4
1. EAA Secretary
2. Vestigia BV, Archeologie & Cultuurhistorie
3. Kantonale Denkmalfpflege Zurich
4. Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands