Session: #335

Theme & Session Format

Interpreting the archaeological record: artefacts, humans and landscapes
Session format:
Session with presentation of 6 slides in 6 minutes

Title & Content

'... In with the New!' Up and Coming Archaeological Research in Medieval Europe in 2019
For the second year now, postgraduate students and early career researchers whose interest focuses on Medieval Europe will have the opportunity to present their ongoing research during this session proposed by MERC. It offers a platform for speakers not only to present upcoming projects, but also connect with a wider community of early career researchers. This session will offer opportunities to discuss new and promising research avenues that will shape tomorrow’s medieval archaeology, through short and dynamic talks of six minutes. At the same time, we want to create a space for opening up stimulating discussion, and spark possible ideas for future collaborations. The presentation of experimental or unprecedented work is also explicitly encouraged. We welcome papers tackling a wide variety of currently pressing as well as innovative themes, crucial concerns for the field, potential of new technologies, unexplored avenues, and new work on old subjects/materials. We aim to bring together a diverse group of early career scholars, therefore participants from all geographical backgrounds are encouraged to submit a proposal.
Medieval studies, Early career, postgraduate, Upcoming research
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Main organiser:
Anouk Busset (United Kingdom) 1,2
Tuuli Heinonen (Finland) 3
1. University of Glasgow
2. Université de Lausanne
3. University of Helsinki