Session: #340

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Archaeological heritage and museum management: future chances, future risks
Session format:
Round table (only list of confirmed discussants(session co-organizers)

Title & Content

Building a Future for Urban Archaeology: the Urban Archaeological Community at Work
At the Barcelona meeting, the EAA Community for Urban Archaeology was officially started. It was a highly dynamic session with a highly engaged audience. The result was a flying start for the community with big plans for the future. The community now has its own website and a first meeting outside of the regular conferences. Also, the first book will be published in early 2019. But now we are going to move further forward!
In this roundtable session we are going to discuss the position of archaeologists within the urban context over the next decade. The world is changing. There is a growing involvement of the public. Archaeological research is not always obvious, and archaeologists have to ‘fight’ other interests at stake. But also, huge steps can be made in archaeological research by using new scientific research techniques. On the other hand, at complicated sites with a huge amount of data, how to choose the right strategy within the financial constraints? We are going to investigate together the most important topics at hand and create a top five list of themes which the community will develop during the next couple of years at the future conferences with our own sessions, discussions and publications. Participants at this session will be the participants of our community at work for a better future for urban archaeology in the decade(s) to come!
Urban Archaeology, Urban heritage management, Research methods, conservation, public outreach
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EAA Community for Urban Archaeology


Main organiser:
Jeroen Bouwmeester (Netherlands) 1
Paul Belford (United Kingdom) 2
1. Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands
2. Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust