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Archaeological theory and methods beyond paradigms
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Regular session

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Babies, Bathwaters, Wheels, and Chariots: Assessing the Impact of David Anthony’s Work on European and Eurasian Steppe Prehistory
From his seminal work on migration to ideas about the chariot as well as his strong support for the combination of historical linguistics and archaeology to evaluate numerous societal and material developments in European and Eurasian steppe prehistory, David Anthony has been an influential and, often times, a controversial figure in our respective disciplines. This session seeks to bring together numerous and various scholars who will engage critically with Anthony’s work; testing, evaluating, and ultimately determining its long-term applicability for illuminating social, political, economic, and linguistics processes and/or practices in prehistory. Thus, we invite papers that critically and creatively engage with Anthony’s work, even as these papers should attempt to shed new light on the variable dimensions of life in later prehistory, be it through archaeological, genetic, or linguistic investigations, or combinations of the three. We are especially keen on seeing research that emphasizes cross-pollination between the disciplines that actively engage with the broader themes covered by Anthony, not least of which include migration, technological developments such as the wheel and chariot, production of frontiers, and the link between elite status and ecology.
David Anthony, migration, mobility, pastoralism, linguistics, genetics
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Main organiser:
James Johnson (United States) 1
Guus Kroonen (Netherlands) 2
1. University of Wyoming
2. Leiden University