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Archaeological heritage and museum management: future chances, future risks
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Regular session

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From Local to Global. Current Perspectives on Education and Cultural Heritage
Cultural heritage can only function as a conduit of sustainable development through proper education, in order to raise awareness of its importance. But cultural heritage also has a dual character whereby it can, at the same time, be celebrated for its outstanding universal value while having a special meaning and value for local and, in particular, bearer communities.
This session aims to explore how to effectively teach local cultural heritage, mainly archaeological, to grade school, high school, and university students, within the existing framework of the respective Curriculums and degrees. Also, it aims to analyze the general structural inadequacies of the Education system that exist not only in Europe, but in other continents too, in order to consider how these greatly affect the teaching of the local cultural heritage.
Basing protection on the former notion of heritage as a universal, global value has been the dominant approach in international law-making since the second half of the twentieth century. More recently, the significance of heritage to local actors has become much better understood and recognised. This session would also examine the aforementioned shift from an emphasis on local to global heritage and the role education can play in this with regard to Curriculum and Pedagogy, lifelong learning, training programs, teaching and learning relationship, extra-curricular activities (such as those developed in museums), pedagogic innovations, and inclusive and special education.
Education, Archaeological heritage, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Teaching, Museums
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Main organiser:
Jose Farrujia de la Rosa (Spain) 1
María Hernández-Ojeda (United States) 2
1. Universidad de La Laguna
2. Hunter College. City University of New York