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Interpreting the archaeological record: artefacts, humans and landscapes
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Regular session

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Tracking Neolithisation Processes on Both Sides of the Sinai: a Bridge Between the Near East and Northeastern Africa
The studies of Neolithisation in the Southern Levant and North-East Africa are two separate worlds of research. Indeed, the processes observed on both sides of the Sinai, seem to be quite different. However, recent data suggests some common aspects, such as the presence of Near-Eastern fauna taxa in East Africa.
The session aims to bring together researchers who are currently working on the Neolithic transition of both regions (Lybia, Sudan, Egypt, vs Palestine, Israel and Jordan), based on various types of materials such as settlement patterns, architecture, graves, pottery, lithic, fauna, botanical remains etc.
We would like researchers to propose synthesis regarding the type and pace of changes, as well as mechanisms of transformation from hunter-gatherers to farmers in a wide chronological frame for their own field of interest. Rather than tracking any theory of diffusion, long-distance contacts or cultural exchanges, the intention of this session is to better identify the major steps of the processes involved from different approaches.
In order to compare the data from both regions, we invite participants to make presentations that follow a common structure, including:
- Synthesis of available data/Critical review
- Tracking continuities and discontinuities
- Contextualising the emergence and development of those major changes
- Current scientific issues/ Perspectives of research
This session will allow those researchers, who have rarely had the opportunity to meet, to discuss and share their points of view and build a basis for future collaborations.
Neolithisation, Africa, Near East, Material culture, Transitions
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Main organiser:
KatarĂ­na Kapustka (Czech Republic) 1
Julien Vieugue (France) 2
Fanny Bocquentin (France) 3
Eric Huysecom (Switzerland) 4
1. Institute of Archaeology CAS, Prague, v.v.i.
2. CNRS, UMR 7055 Prehistory et Technology, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology
3. CNRS, UMR 7041 Prehistoric Ethnology, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology
4. Archaeology and Populations in Africa, University of Geneva