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Sustainable archaeological data in Norway
MUSIT (MuseumIT) is a shared infrastructure for the Norwegian university museums. Artefact metadata are stored in a database used for cataloguing and collection curation. By 2020, close to 1.5 million of these artefact entries are published online at unimus.no.
As part of the MUSIT cooperation, the museums decided in 2011 to use a common solution for excavation documentation – the Swedish Intrasis (intrasis.com). The result is more than 1200 such projects. The e-infrastructure project ADED (Archaeological Digital Excavation Documentation) will migrate these to one system allowing simultaneous map-based and text-based queries. The new system will be based on PostgreSQL, and ensure that the data will be more sustainable. As part of this migration process the excavation data will be mapped to CIDOC CRMarcheo which will ease the integration with other linked data portals for archaeological in Scandinavia and on a general international level. The MUSIT cooperation at the University of Oslo will be responsible for curating the data after the project period.
The Museum of Cultural History publish excavation reports and other of its publications at the Research Archive at the University of Oslo (duo.uio.no). Excavation and artefact photos are stored in the MUSIT photo database and are published at unimus.no/foto, most of them with a CC 4.0 BY-SA license. The museum is creating more 3D-documentation of artefacts and in the field. In case of photogrammetry, files and models are stored in the MUSIT database. The files from lightscanning are stored in standard formats and as raw files at the university servers.
The museum is this way controlling the documentation process from data acquisition to long time, sustainable data storage. There are challenges connected to archaeological interventions conducted where the information pipeline from counties to museums are not always well defined, but this will also addressed by the ADED project.
infrastructure, Norway, MUSIT, CRMArchaeo


Main authors:
Espen Uleberg1
Mieko Matsumoto1
Christian-Emil Smith Ore2
Jakob Kile-Vesik1
1 Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo
2 University of Oslo