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Digging Digital in Ephesos – Chances and Challenges of a long-term Project
Since 125 years archaeological research takes place at the site of ancient Ephesos. In this period a lot of data has been generated and published. As methods, possibilities and technology have been progressing, also the variety of data has significantly increased.

Although usually different excavation projects are conducted within a certain time period a long-term project like Ephesos bears the opportunity to develop strategies of an efficient life cycle of research data. The interdisciplinary approach offers a wide variety of research fields which is both, fruitful and challenging. Different groups of scientists produce data which have some elements in common but on the other hand their nature differ a lot when looking closer. The workflow has shown that a proper data management plan with strict routines are inevitable in order to avoid a ‘Babylonian language confusion’. In order to provide data exchange with other research groups outside the Ephesian project a data standardization has to be developed. With such an – sometimes challenging – effort the interoperability and re-use of research data shall be ensured. At the same time the integration of the results of the institute’s work in international frameworks has shown that certain challenges have to be solved.

The paper will present the status quo of an ongoing process. Solutions have to be constantly re-evaluated and their implementation in the international research data infrastructure is highly needed. Once lifted treasures should not remain reburied due to a lack of missing data curation.
data management, interoperabilty, interdisciplinarity, Ephesos, big dig, infrastructure


Main authors:
Helmut Schwaiger1
Karl Burkhart1
1 Austrian Archaeological Institute