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6. Embedded in European archaeology: the Carpathian Basin
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Regular session

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Neolithic and Bronze Age Tells and Their Networks in the Carpathian Basin and beyond
Based on recent archaeological research, the planned conference session seeks to address the European perspective on Neolithic and Bronze Age tells. The main focus will be on the emergence and abandonment of the tells of these two major prehistoric periods as functions of a particular geographical region. In addition to looking at the unique space/time dimensions of tells, our goal is to identify the shared traits of tells as well as to determine general trends and patterns based on various case studies. Another focus will be on how tells are embedded in the period’s networks and their multiscalar relations, whereby we can broaden the overall contexts of their investigation and historic evaluation. In addition, we would like to provide a forum for multidisciplinary research and the potentials of geospatial applications. It is our hope that the proposed frameworks will provide fruitful discussions of the benefits of both the bottom-up and top-down approach as part of the session.
tell, Neolithic, Bronze Age, networking, multidisciplinar applications, remote sensing
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Main organiser:
Klara Pusztaine Fischl (Hungary) 1
Tobias Kienlin (Germany) 2
András Füzesi (Hungary) 3
Knut Rassmann (Germany) 4
Eszter Bánffy (Germany) 4
1. University Miskolc
2. University Cologne
3. Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Humanities, Archaeological Departement
4. RGK