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7. 25 years after: The changing world and EAA's impact since the 1995 EAA Annual Meeting in Santiago
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Discussion session (with formal abstracts)

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Not Another 25 Years! Combatting Harassment and Assault in Archaeology [AGE]
Archaeology suffers from a culture of harassment. The 25th anniversary of the European Association of Archaeologists is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the organisation’s role in safeguarding a working environment characterised by inclusion and equal opportunity. Being aware of the importance of involvement in contemporary matters, the Archaeology and Gender in Europe (AGE) Community of the EAA proposes a discussion session on the modes of preventing and addressing all forms of harassment and assault in archaeology. These offensive behaviours include, but are not limited to sexual harassment and assault; gender, racial, religious, personal, sexual orientation-based, age-based and disability-based harassment; psychological and power harassment; physical harassment and assault; online harassment; and retaliation. This session aims to gather experts both within and outside archaeology to share their experiences in working on these issues both on an organizational and individual level. We welcome papers that deal with any of the following topics: examples of anti-harassment measures (e.g., policies, procedures, petitions) taken for the protection and support of victims, as well as the process, effectiveness and outcomes of implementing them; examples of actions designed to encourage survivors to disclose and report incidents of misconduct (e.g., through online campaigns, surveys), their results and efficacy; awareness-raising projects targeting both victims and perpetrators, in particular actions taken to change and prevent problematic behaviour; and the current status of anti-harassment measures adopted within the archaeological communities and associations of various countries. The final scope of this session is to create a task force which would use the conclusions and recommendations resulted from the debates to draft an anti-harassment policy and procedure proposal. This document would be subsequently discussed and implemented within the EAA to ensure a safe and inclusive environment to its members.
harassment, assault, archaeology, policy, procedure, task force
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AGE - Archaeology and Gender in Europe Community of EAA


Main organiser:
Laura Coltofean-Arizancu (Spain) 1,2
Ingrid Berg (Sweden) 3
1. Archaeology and Gender in Europe (AGE) Community of EAA
2. University of Barcelona, Spain
3. Swedish Archaeological Society, Sweden