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3. Sustainable archaeology and heritage in an unsustainable world
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Regular session

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Prehistory, Archaeology and Archaeologists as Reflected in School Books and Curricula
The presence and dominant images of prehistory, archaeology and archaeologists in school books (written for children between the ages of 5 to 18) is a topic rarely explored, but it seems to be of crucial importance for the discipline. It relates not only to the very ways the knowledge of prehistory is conveyed to the young generations but also how present-day archaeology’s results, roles and responsibilities are understood and wants to be understood. The abundance of stereotypical, mythical or incorrect images of the past and improper image of the present day archaeology reduces the impact that archaeologists might have on construction of proper up-to-date narratives about the past as well as the real face and a role of a discipline in case of today young generations.
We are not going to discuss archaeological education in general and in museum pedagogy. Proposals should focusing on:
– the indication of general attitudes towards presenting prehistory and archaeology in school textbooks;
– how teaching prehistory is incorporated into the education of children between the ages of 5 to 18 and curricula;
– the indication of mythical and distorted perceptions of various aspects of the distant past – e.g. national myths, gender stereotypes, ethnic biases;
– the examination of the influence of political and/or economic systems and dominant historical politics on the images of prehistory and archaeology;
– the role of images of prehistory in the processes of creation of local, national and supranational identities connected to school books;
– the whether and how informal archaeological education can influence school curricula;
– what measures should be undertaken by archaeologists to change the present situation, engage with teachers and to contribute to better understanding of images of the past and archaeology conveyed through school books;
– case studies, good and bad practices.
school books, curricula, prehistory, archaeology, analyses, case studies
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Main organiser:
Katalin Bozoki-Ernyey (Hungary) 1
Jean-Paul Demoule (France) 2
Michał Pawleta (Poland) 3
1. Government Office of the Capital City Budapest, Heritage Department
2. Institut Universitaire de France & Université de Paris I
3. Faculty of Archaeology Adam Mickiewicz University