Session: #424

Theme & Session Format

3. Sustainable archaeology and heritage in an unsustainable world
Session format:
Regular session

Title & Content

Gender and Archaeology for Non-Specialist Audiences [AGE]
This session’s aim is to discuss and share practices of knowledge transfer that include gender perspective. Such practices can vary but generally they need to be designed for the non-specialist audiences in archaeology. They can range from lectures in university, but also workshops about the past in schools or museums. For example, school workshops for primary and secondary schools that talk about stereotypes in the past could give a more diverse image of the past communities (children, women, old people, etc.). Or workshops for the general public that give value to women’s work in the past, like sewing, caring for children and old people, food production, and so on. We would like to focus the session not only on sharing those practices but also on discussing whether they have been evaluated and how, namely whether the gender discourse has been included in presentations, talks and exhibitions to the non-specialist audiences.
gender, public archaeology, education, society, stereotypes
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AGE - Archaeology and Gender in Europe Community of EAA


Main organiser:
Clara Masriera-Esquerra (Spain) 1
Karen Dempsey (Ireland) 2
Ana Cristina Martins (Portugal) 3,4
Erica Angliker (Switzerland) 5
1. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
2. National University of Ireland (NUI)
3. IHC-University of Évora
4. Uniarq - University of Lisbon
5. University of Zurich