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7. From global to local: Baltic-Pontic studies
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Regular session

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On the Shoulders of Prometheus: International Collaboration and the Archaeology of the South Caucasus
Despite some high-profile exceptions, the archaeology of the South Caucasus remains marginalised and often overlooked - not receiving the wider exposure it deserves. Its higher current profile probably owes as much to conflict in Syria and Crimea, which has forced a range of international projects to relocate to more favourable locations, as it does to greater awareness. This situation is partly a consequence of decades of occupation and academic isolation, and partly because of an unfortunate, and incorrect, perception that the South Caucasus is simply peripheral to the archaeologies of Europe and Asia.

This session will showcase examples of collaborative working in the South Caucasus, projects which have enabled a sharing of ideas and scholarly traditions, helping to develop new methodologies, and bringing new technology and scientific advances to bear on regional archaeological debates. This session is a celebration of both the archaeology of the South Caucasus, and of the power of scholarly cooperation to bridge divides and widen horizons.
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
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Paul Everill (United Kingdom) 1
Emanuele Intagliata (Denmark) 2
1. University of Winchester
2. Aarhus University