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7. From global to local: Baltic-Pontic studies
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Regular session

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Kingship in Early Medieval Europe: Places of Royal Power and Ritual
Following on from a series of workshops held in Scotland over 2020/21 exploring early medieval kingship and its attendant ritual, this session will seek to explore the diverse range of evidence for early medieval kingship and ritual across Europe and the Pontus region from Late Antiquity to circa 1000 AD. We welcome contributions from a range of disciplines, including nut not limited to, archaeology, art history, history, onomastics and folklore. We hope to further promote the excellent research of recent years in to the dynamics of kingship across Europe and we would welcome contributions that dealt with, for example, the types of royal site that can be identified (including their topographical settings and archaeological signatures), any regional differences (including any detectable influence from Pontus, Roman Byzantium and the Sassanian world); any toponymic identifiers; the nature of ritual and other activities associated with such sites; religious links (notably but not limited to Christianity) and any legacy and folkloric memory the places gave rise to. We are keen to gather as wide a geographic assemblage as possible, not only the Baltic-Pontic axis but from Francia, Spain and the Western Mediterranean.
Kingship, Ritual, Late Antiquity, Early Middle Ages, royal sites, religion
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Main organiser:
Alexandra Sanmark (United Kingdom) 1
John Ljungkvist (Sweden) 2
Mark Hall (United Kingdom) 3
1. University of the Highlands and Islands
2. Uppsala University
3. Perth Museum & Art Gallery