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3. The new normality of heritage management and museums in post-Covid times
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Regular session

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Sweet and Sour: Successes and Challenges of Collaboration in Enhancing Resilience and Sustainable Management in Archaeology [Public Archaeology]
Collaboration in archaeology can take make forms. It can include public bodies, NGOs, private companies, or any number of other groups; it can be time-limited or ongoing; it can have a specific target or very broad objectives. As the benefits of collaboration are increasingly recognized, many calls for grants -- including European grants -- are requiring projects to form partnerships with community organisations. However, making a partnership successful is often hard work. This session aims to explore if and how collaboration and partnerships can enhance resilience and sustainable management of archaeological assets as well as examine the challenges these groups must overcome. We welcome presentations on practical examples of current, past and forthcoming partnerships to explore the experiences from all angles and learn from our successes and failures. How can partnerships enhance the resilience of organisations working in the archaeology sector? What role can partnerships play in a post-Covid landscape? How can we measure successful collaboration? What are the challenges to face when building a partnership or making it work? How can we overcome these challenges? What kind of elements we must keep in mind when looking for partners?
Collaboration, Partnership, Resilience, Sustainable management
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Francesca Benetti (United Kingdom) 1
Camille Westmont (United States) 2
Adrian Olivier (United Kingdom) 3
1. Historic Environment Forum
2. The University of the South
3. University College London