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1. Widening horizons through human-environment interconnections
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IMPR - Microscopy Session: Phytoliths in Soil Thin Sections
The present session is structured as a microscopy workshop in relation to the study of phytoliths in archaeological soil and sediment thin sections. As such, the workshop is related to the session “Phytoliths in geoarchaeology and micromorphology”.

We aim to an informal meeting with a focus on the exchange of ideas and experiences in this arena in a practical way. Hands-on microscope work will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss relevant questions regarding methodological approaches, analytical tools and interpretation of results.

The overall goals of the workshop are: to raise awareness among phytolith specialists and micromorphologists / geoarchaeologists on the potential of applying phytolith analysis to archaeological thin sections and promote its practical integration to address archaeological questions.

Participants are welcome to bring their own research materials. Additionally, thin sections related to the presentations of the session “Phytoliths in geoarchaeology and micromorphology” will be made available during the workshop.

This session is part of the 12th International Meeting for Phytolith Research, or IMPR, the official scientific conference of the International Phytolith Society.
Phytoliths, Micromorphology, Microscopy, Context
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IPS - International Phytolith Society. 12th IMPR - International Meeting for Phytolith Research.


Main organiser:
Ana Polo-Diaz (United Kingdom) 1
Yannick Devos (Belgium) 2
Svetlana Khamnueva-Wendt (Germany) 3
1. Department of Archaeology. University of Sheffield. Sheffield
2. Maritime Cultures Research Institute (MARI) - Department of Art Studies and Archaeology. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Brussels
3. Institute for Ecosystem Research Kiel University. Kiel