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3. The new normality of heritage management and museums in post-Covid times
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Session with presentation of 6 slides in 6 minutes

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Public and Community Archaeology in a (Post-)Covid Landscape [Public Archaeology]
Public and Community Archaeology practices often involve direct contact with the public, something strongly discouraged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes brought about by COVID-19 have affected heritage stakeholders in a variety of ways. As volunteering and in-person meetings ceased, heritage organisations were forced to find other ways to connect with the public, leading many of them to use the digital environment in new ways. While many heritage organisations have struggled with closures and quarantines, the pandemic has provided some communities with greater opportunities to enjoy their local heritage due to the decline in tourism. Moreover, the duty to work from home and avoid transport and travel has encouraged people to take more walks in their local area, discovering their place and connecting to the landscape more deeply. As COVID-19 had and continues to have a huge impact on the entire archaeological and heritage sector, this session aims to explore: How have experiences in Public and Community Archaeology adapted to the new conditions? How can Public and Community Archaeology projects kickstart the recovery? What are the medium- to long-term impacts the pandemic is expected to have on the activities and projects? What challenges did you have to face and how did you minimise the risks? What lessons have you learned and which you will keep in a (post-)COVID-19 world?
Public archaeology, COVID-19, Heritage organisations
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Public Archaeology Committee


Main organiser:
V. Camille Westmont (United States) 1
Francesca Benetti (United Kingdom) 2
1. University of the South
2. Historic Environment Forum