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1. Widening horizons through human-environment interconnections
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Discussion session (with formal abstracts)

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Community Archaeology and Climate Threat Response
Climate changes pose a worldwide threat to the archaeological record and the heritage of local and global communities. Experience gained by climate change response initiatives thus far have underlined the key role of community-based archaeology in mobilizing and providing effective response to the dire challenges we now face. In multiple world areas, from Caribbean to Greenland, archaeologists (many indigenous) and local communities have formed partnerships to assess, prioritize, record, and rescue rapidly disappearing science and heritage. The growing realization that archaeological deposits represent a “distributed observing network of the past” of great value to modern resource managers and sustainability planners is increasingly tied to the recognition of deep local expertise in resource management and sustainable commons management. Partnerships across communities of knowledge are being enhanced and accelerated by innovative applications of new technology and techniques, and formal inclusion of professional digital media producers to create new tools for recording and wider communication of results are now becoming widespread. We are learning new ways of co-producing knowledge while mobilizing in the face of climate threats. This session will bring together projects and practitioners from multiple teams and communities and will work to share ideas and best practice approaches while connecting broadly across world regions. This session is sponsored by the Integrated History and Future of Humans on Earth (IHOPE) program and draws upon expertise from SAA and EAA climate impact communities.
Community Archaeology, IHOPE Threats to Archaeology and Heritage, Climate Response, Local and Traditional Knowledge, Climate Change impacts
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IHOPE and SAA Climate Change Strategies and the Archaeological Record Committee


Main organiser:
Thomas McGovern (United States) 1
Thomas Dawson (United Kingdom) 2
1. CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College
2. School of History U St Andrews Scotland