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6. Material culture studies and societies
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Regular session

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A Dark Golden Age. New Approaches in the Research of the Circumalpine Middle Bronze Age
The Central European Middle Bronze Age is a period often overlooked as a transition between the emerge of bronze metallurgy and exchange and the spectacular features of the Late Bronze Age Urnfield Culture. Nevertheless, it is a period of crucial social, cultural and technical developments.
Even though some regions bear rich archaeological heritage, our knowledge on the Middle Bronze Age is still limited and in a greater extent based on research carried out in the early decades of the 20th century. When trying to get a general and supra-regional picture of the wider circumalpine region in the mid 2nd millennium BC, it becomes evident that despite active archaeological research the overall state of knowledge is still in arrears.
With this session we want to try to widen our horizons on this fascinating period on a broad scale including new chronological results, key finds and socio-economic features. The goal is to bring together researchers providing new scientific and archaeological evidence to deepen our understanding of the Middle Bronze Age in Central Europe – from Eastern France to Hungary and from the Central German Uplands and Bohemia to Northern Italy.
Middle Bronze Age, Circumalpine Region, Chronology, Bronze Metallurgy, Exchange, Socio-Economic Developments
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Main organiser:
Heiner Schwarzberg (Germany) 1
Ken Massy (Germany) 2
Ondřej Chvojka (Czech Republic) 3
1. Bavarian State Archaeological Collection Munich
2. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
3. South Bohemian University of České Budějovice