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1. Widening horizons through human-environment interconnections
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Regular session

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Advancing Skyscape and Landscape Archaeologies: Relations with the Sky. Interactions between Disciplines
One of the aspects of the relationship between archeology and cultural astronomy has been the interconnection between heavenly bodies and humans. By studying the stars and their relationship with ancient constructions, we can learn about the relationships that past human societies had with the celestial bodies and the phenomena. Understanding the sky in this way is just one way to relate human experience to the celestial landscape. Astronomically aligned constructions or topographic features provided the places where the connections between humans and the landscape were created and recreated. The sky, clouds, rain, wind, earth, and the people themselves, form a web of connections that shape their actions in the world. From our point of view, places with celestial connections have generated new assemblages (the term borrowed from Gilles Deleuze and Feliz Guattari) of objects, human and non-human, revealing various aspects of ancient cultures. Our proposal is to study landscapes from different perspectives and to give them a cultural meaning.
Adding our conclusions in each of these study areas, we will attempt an ontological understanding of the proposed archaeological context. Therefore, some of the issues that the papers in this session should address with the above criteria are: Is it possible to understand how people lived in their environment by observing and studying the landscape with astronomy or any other aspect of an archaeological site? How does technology and new techniques allow us to understand the known data? What is the ontological relationship between people and their environment?
The object of the session is to achieve a presentation of the archaeological study with multidisciplinary contributions. In which archaeological research is complemented with the contribution of other sciences and study methods in the aforementioned areas.
Skyscape, Landscape, Environment, Astronomy, Archaeology, Cultural Astronomy
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Main organiser:
Jose Balbi (Argentina) 1,2
Stanislaw Iwaniszewski (Poland) 3
Hans Martz de la Vega (Mexico) 4
1. Sec Cultura y Educacion BA Argentina
3. State Museum of Archaeology, Warsow
4. Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia