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4. Globalisation and archaeology
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Regular session

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What’s So Cultural about Appropriation? Archaeological Perspectives on Cultural Annexations
A simple definition of cultural appropriation can be “the adoption or co-opting, usually without acknowledgment, of cultural identity markers associated with or originating in other communities”. The process is far more complex and even the definition of cultural appropriation, its archaeological use, and if it can be applicable to all the moments of the human past should be debated. The (in)appropriately appropriation of cultural characteristics, either pacifically or violently, has always been observed in the European past from pre-history to the contemporary world, and archaeology has a key role in the study, discussion and understanding of the impact of those appropriations in European societies.
The purpose of this session is to engage archaeologists from all periods and geographies in debating the social and political impact, and power relations, of the appropriation of cultural elements by European societies either by contacts within Europe or with societies across the globe, and how they help us to reconstruct the emergence of modern unequal or equal human social and political organizations. Although archaeology is the base of this session interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.
Cultural appropriation, Contacts, Power relations
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Main organiser:
Tania Casimiro (Portugal) 1
Sara Simões (United Kingdom) 2
1. NOVA University of Lisbon
2. Cambridge Archaeological Unit