Session: #472

Theme & Session Format

2. Pandemics and climate change: responses to global challenges
Session format:
Round table (without formal abstracts, only list of confirmed discussants / session co-organisers to be provided)

Title & Content

EAA Community Climate Change and Heritage' (CCH) Roundtable
Archaeology and cultural heritage are central to both human understanding and management of crises such as pandemics or climate change. Interdisciplinary research on responses of previous societies to similar crises can help us to develop resilience, mitigation and adaptation strategies to tackle these global big challenges at the beginning of 21st century.

This fifth roundtable organized by the EAA Community Climate Change and Heritage (CCH) builds on the success of the previous ones and hopes to focus further on: (1) Internationalization, (2) Prioritization, (3) Strategies, and (4) Policies.
We will also invite representatives of key archaeology associations such as the AAA (Elizabeth Chilton), AIA (Ben Thomas), SAA (Anne Jensen) and WAC (Koji Mizoguchi) as well as specialists in climate change and heritage research as a sounding board for the CCH activities as well as opinion leaders in methods and practice of climate change and heritage research. In addition, the roundtable session will provide an update on the work done in and by the community since the previous meeting and discuss next steps for the Community to grow and extends its network and activities in a COVID-19 environment.
Heritage, Climate Change, Prioritization, Adaptation, Policy, Research
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Main organiser:
Peter F Biehl (United States) 1
Elin Dalen (Norway) 2
Vibeke Martens Vandrup (Norway) 3
1. University at Buffalo, SUNY
2. Directorate of Cultural Heritage (RA)
3. Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU)