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4. Globalisation and archaeology
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Regular session

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Cross-Channel Connections: Complementary New Perspectives on Later Medieval Archaeology in France, Belgium, Netherlands, and the British Isles
This session aims to bring together archaeologists working in France, Belgium, Netherlands, and the British Isles to share late medieval discoveries and ideas exploring the character and development of areas connected by the narrowest stretch of water between the British Isles and north-western Europe. Throughout the later medieval period, the territories either side of the Channel were closely connected politically, culturally and economically, but too often their archaeologies remain separated by national and natural divides. This session aims to share new projects, discoveries, methodologies and data from both sides of the Channel so that interpretations, ideas, narratives and even future research directions will be better through being informed by their nearest cross-Channel neighbours. Its overarching aim is to move from discovery and datasets to new narratives.
We welcome papers on recent archaeological excavation, fieldwork, analysis or other research focussing on any part of the first half of the second millennium AD (c. AD 1000-1500) (recognising that the chronological range of some papers may need to begin or end outside this core period). We will be particularly interested in papers which explore key themes of (a) environment and sustainability; (b) identity and belief; (c) health and the life-course (d) mobility and change; (e) power and place (f) production, trade and consumption; but will welcome papers on any aspect of later medieval archaeology which can be shown to have resonance both sides of the Channel and the North Sea.
This session is organized jointly by members of the Society for Medieval Archaeology (SMA), the French Society for Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Archaeology (SAMMC), and MERC.
British Isles, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, later medieval, cross-Channel
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Main organiser:
Elisabeth Lorans (France) 1
Carenza Lewis (United Kingdom) 2
Bénédicte Guillot (France) 3,4
Aleksandra McClain (United Kingdom) 5
Dries Tys (Belgium) 6
1. University of Tours
2. University of Lincoln
3. Institut national de recherches archéologiques préventives (Inrap)
4. Univeristy of Caen-Normandie
5. University of York
6. Vrije Universiteit Brussel