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3. The new normality of heritage management and museums in post-Covid times
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Discussion session (with formal abstracts)

Title & Content

Widening Horizons: Sharing Perspectives on Professional Practice in Europe
When we look around the world, we see professional practice frameworks for many disciplines built of an ethical code and supporting standards for person, process, and product. For archaeology, the frameworks have evolved on a national basis, and while the ethical principles are largely shared between countries, the more detailed standards and guidance for practice reflect their local origins.

This session, led by the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists (CIfA), builds on the 2020 Networking session organised jointly with the EAA Community for Professional Associations in Archaeology. Starting with a tour d’horizon of established professional frameworks, of which CIfA’s is the best known but not the only option within which to practise in Europe, we will ask contributors: -

• How much common ground do we have?
• How far do shared values extend and where do national requirements begin?
• Could collaboration on complementary approaches produce even better archaeology-related outcomes for European society?
• Is it easier to carry on working within our respective national frameworks? Is it right to do so?

And specifically
• Collaboratively, could we/should we share and adapt the CIfA framework and make it work for Europe?

We are seeking contributions that explore the panorama of professional ethics and standards, are willing to speculate on what is beyond the current view, and share what more can be done to communicate, learn from and collaborate on a European scale.
Professional, Standards, Ethics, CIfA, Frameworks, Guidance
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Main organiser:
Esther Robinson Wild (United Kingdom) 1,2
Michaela Schauer (Germany) 1
Wilfried Hessing (Netherlands) 3
1. Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
2. University of York
3. Vestigia Archeologie & Cultuurhistorie