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3. The new normality of heritage management and museums in post-Covid times
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Regular session

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Integrating Neandertal Legacy: From Past to Present [PaM]
Neandertals are the first human population that can be truly recognized as a pan-European phenomenon. Traces of their cultural and skeletal remains are found in most European countries, covering a quarter-million years. A lot of scientific work has been undertaken on various aspects of their heritage and there is a vast collection of archaeological and anthropological data available. However, there is still a discrepancy in available and updated datasets from various countries, which often reflects negatively on research, but also on management of Neandertal heritage.
Arguably, the Covid pandemic has only exacerbated the negative aspects of this situation. But, has it really? Is it not quite the opposite? Could not this 'new normality' also represent a new context for best overcoming the real and self-imposed boundaries of communication within Neandertal scholarship? Furthermore, the Covid virus notwithstanding, what really prevents us from enhancing our focus on the methods and conduits of dissemination and communication with lay audiences? Likewise, arguing for Neandertals to become stakeholders in cultural tourism may seem far-fetched, but we still welcome in this session all those who are willing to try. Bring your museum display scenarios, your visualisations, your ARs and your VRs and let's discuss them all together in Kiel for the sake of our Neandertals' future.
This session aims at fostering dialogue among Neandertal scholars from different countries and disciplines. Papers may range from topics related to stratigraphy and typology, through genetics, object interpretation and the spiritual aspects of Neandertal populations, to methods of site presentation and heritage tourism. We especially welcome contributions that offer proactive, realistic and feasible solutions leading to synergistic effects in research and valorisation of Neandertal heritage.
The session is organized in partnership with the network of scholars gathered around COST Action 19141: Integrating Neandertal Heritage: From Past to Present (|Name:overview).
Neandertals, Palaeolithic, Communication, Management, Cultural Tourism
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COST - European Cooperation in Science & Technology - Specifically associated with COST Action 19141 - Integrating Neandertal LEgacy: From Past to Present (abbreviated as iNEAL); PaM


Main organiser:
Sanjin Mihelic (Croatia) 1
Tamara Leskovar (Slovenia) 2
1. Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Croatia
2. Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia