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6. Material culture studies and societies
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Regular session

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Breaking Points. Medieval and Modern Societies in Transition through Material Culture
This session focuses on different events and stages of the Medieval and Modern era as by-product of transitional processes. For instance, technological and technical changes stem from dynamics of impulse, progress, advance, and extraction or resistance to other cultur-al forms; these will be examined mainly through the lenses of archaeology and material culture.
Indeed, material culture could shed light on different issues in the longue durée spanning from the end of the Classical world to the beginning of the Modern era. These included: the rise of the State, the birth of a global economy and the cross- cultural transactions between the Latin Christian, Byzantine and Islamic world.
One can notice the occurrence of changes in the different uses and forms of material cul-ture as well as opposition or resistance. They allow us to grasp the ability of social groups to accept, assimilate or even reject external influences. In this light, one should admit that historiography has slanted towards single key-studies rather than approaching the general tendencies and trends characterizing the material culture of the periods under scrutiny here.
As a result, the proposed session includes papers which analyse different transition pro-cesses through the study of material culture. It will aim to provide an opportunity to com-pare and discuss these developments and lay the foundation for further theorization in the studies of material culture as approached from different epistemological perspectives. Lastly, this session stems from the idea that an interdisciplinary approach could dwell on specific trends to be debated and discussed across the historiographical board.
Transitional Processes, Technological Changes, Medieval Archaeology, Post-Medieval Archaeology
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AIECM3 - Association Internationale pour l'étude des céramiques medievales et modernes en Mediterranée


Main organiser:
Alberto García-Porras (Spain) 1
Miguel Busto-Zapico (Spain) 1
Enrico Cirelli (Italy) 2
Luca Zavagno (Turkey) 3
André Teixeira (Portugal) 4
1. Universidad de Granada
2. Università di Bologna
3. Bilkent University
4. Universidade NOVA de Lisboa