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1. Widening horizons through human-environment interconnections
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Regular session

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Human-Environment Interaction in Northern Eurasia from Micro- to Macro-Regional Level
Since the very beginning of human occupation, Northern Eurasia was a challenging region for the economic development of the societies of the past, resulting in creation of diverse and unique systems of human subsistence and land use. Land-use technologies of prehistoric societies reflect both general subsistence strategies adopted in specific climatic conditions and cultural traditions, making paleoecological research highly relevant to the reconstruction of cultural and historical processes. Recent developments in pedoanthracology, ichnology, phytolith analysis and palynology, combined with a drastically increased number of reliable radiocarbon dates and new statistical methods for processing multidimensional data, significantly expand opportunities for the reconstruction of past land use systems and associated dynamics of anthropogenic landscapes. We aim to discuss methods and methodological approaches to reconstruction of land use systems practiced from the Neolithic to the Late Middle Ages, north from the southern boundary of modern steppes region. We are looking for papers describing certain types and components of land use, their combination in the landscape, and methods of their identification. Examples include, but are not limited to fields, swiddens, pastures, nut and fruit groves, firewood and sacred wood groves.
land use systems, human subsistence, ecosystem dynamics, soil transformation, climate adaptations
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Main organiser:
Leonid Vyazov (Russia) 1
Elena Ponomarenko (Canada) 2
Nataliya Ryabogina (Russia) 3
Ekaterina Ershova (Russia) 4
Mikhail Blinnikov (United States) 5
1. Kazan Federal University
2. University of Ottawa
3. Tyumen Scientific center SB RAS
4. Moscow State University
5. StCloud State University