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6. Material culture studies and societies
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Regular session

Title & Content

Between East and West. Material Studies of Social Interactions in 3rd Millennium BC on the Northern European Plains
In the 3rd millenium BC, the border between Western and Eastern European Plains was inhabited by paraneolithic communities with hunting, fishing and gathering strategies and incidentally visited by farming and pastoral groups. Despite the apparent proofs of this contacts as flint axes, amber or pottery imports, there are also other intermediate premises to indicate interactions such as style or technology. Analysing syncretic materials may provide more data on their occurrence, intensity and character.

This session aims to discuss materials and results of their studies, especially those that primarily show relics of contacts occurring between locals and newcomers.

We welcome papers focusing on:
- archaeological premises for interaction,
- studying materials of syncretic character,
- intercultural networks from the past,
- searching for interactions causes, proceeding and results,
- interpreting nature of social and cultural interactions,
- finding new interpretational possibilities for interactions.

We also invite all papers dealing with transmission of knowledge in the field of prehistoric production.
material studies, social interactions, 3rd millenium BC, northern European plains
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Main organiser:
Aleksandra Klecha (Poland) 1
Mariya Tkachova (Belarus) 2
Maksim Charniauski (Belarus) 2
1. University of Warsaw
2. Institute of History, The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus