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6. Material culture studies and societies
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Regular session

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Medieval Stone Monuments: The Materiality of Remembrance
Three major processes of human memory are encoding, storage, and retrieval. The medieval stone monuments encapsulate all of them, displaying various strategies of remembrance that are concerned with materiality and temporality. The chosen information was encoded and permanently recorded in stone, maintaining the information over periods, only to be recalled in future. Even if monuments were not initially created with the intention of memory recollection, they are subsequently perceived in terms of their ability to evoke the remembrance and imbue the mute stone with associations. They become mnemonic agents, which are read and interpreted differently throughout the past. This session calls for contributions detailing the research into the stone material culture of the medieval period. We invite colleagues to present their research into a wide variety of ways in which remembrance was materialised in stone in the period between 600 and 1600. We are interested not only in the European trends but also beyond, trying to gain a perspective on contemporary techniques, roles and meanings of stone material culture, whether architectural, funerary or other, across the globe.
medieval archaeology, material culture, rememberance
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Saša Caval (United Kingdom) 1,2
Anouk Busset (Switzerland) 3,4
1. University of Reading
2. University of Primorska
3. University of Glasgow
4. Université de Lausanne