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5. Climate Change and Socioenvironmental Perspectives
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Session with keynote presentation and discussion

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Sediment and Soil Archives to Decipher Human-environment Interactions in Wetland Landscapes from the Neolithic to the XXth Century
This session focusses on the use of soils and sediments to decipher the interactions between climate, paleoenvironments and past societies in wetland landscapes. This approach relies on the collection and processing of geoarchaeological or paleoecological data to reconstruct socio-environmental changes in diverse cultural and chronological contexts. We propose to challenge the intercomparison of multidisciplinary data by discussing how multi-proxy analyses of soil and sediment archives from wetlands can be combined with archaeological data in order to reconstruct long-term trajectories of socio-ecosystems –and the resulting cultural landscapes– from the Neolithic to the XXth century.

The contributions will combine archaeological studies (excavation, surveys, historical data) with a broad analytical panel of sedimentary archives (from field geomorphology and paleopedology to physico-chemical characterization and microscopic approaches). The geographical framework will include mainly (but not exclusively) European and circum-Mediterranean contexts. Communications should deal with one or more of the following reference topics:

• Wetlands and hydrosystems as a result of socio-environmental interactions: natural dynamics, resources, anthropogenic impacts and legacies

• Waterscapes: paleogeography and environmental changes in fluvial, lacustrine and coastal landscapes as a limiting factor/opportunity for human activities, adaptation and co-evolution

• Anthropocene records: impact of hydraulic infrastructures (drainage/irrigation networks, bridges, harbours...) and risk management (flooding, droughts, water level fluctuations) deciphered from wetland archives

• Soil formation/erosion under climatic and/or anthropogenic forcing and consequences for hydrosystems and wetlands evolution

• Cities and wetlands: environmental impacts of urban settlements in or around wetlands

• Paleo-pollutions in wetlands as a marker of human activities (mining, crafting, industry)

• Methods: intercomparison of data from soils/sediments archives and archaeological record; dating approaches and issues

Beyond discussing socio-environmental interaction, this session will also be the place to debate broader issues such as implications for cultural heritage, wetlands reclamation, and lessons for the future management and sustainability of cultural landscapes.
Socio-environmental interaction, Landscape, Wetlands, Soil and Sediment archives, Geoarcheology, Palaeoenvironment
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Main organiser:
Alfredo Mayoral (Spain) 1
André-Marie Dendievel (France) 2
1. ICAC - Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology
2. Univ Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, ENTPE, CNRS, UMR 5023 LEHNA