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1. Archaeologists and Archaeology Here and Now
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Regular session

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Dressing Europe: Mapping and Disseminating European Textile Heritage through Digital Resources
Textile Heritage is a major component of the European Cultural Heritage, consisting of both archaeological remains and historical and ethnographic textiles. It includes both material heritage - from fabrics, utilitarian textiles and garments to tools and even workshops specialised in textile production - and immaterial heritage, namely traditional textile crafts.
In the last decades, textile research developed into a major field of research within the heritage sector. This impulse, coupled with the development of Digital Humanities as a new horizon for research and dissemination, has generated a strong necessity to create digital databases of textile heritage that might contribute to achieve new insights into European History and to foster an inclusive European identity based on a shared heritage. Exploring the shared experience of textiles at the European level could indeed foster a sense of belonging and social cohesion.
In this session, promoted by COST Action EuroWeb - Europe through Textiles (CA19131), we aim to gather together students, scholars and other stakeholders from academia, museums, the conservation sector and cultural institutions, as well as creative industries which would like to share data and experiences on:

the online storage of textile resources in heritage databases, online catalogues and galleries that feature textiles;
strategies of textile mapping, including the process of data selection and organisation, as well as the storage, processing, interpretation, and presentation of records;
good practices on textile recording and textile data sharing in an online, accessible format;
establishing a dialogue between researchers, practitioners and a broader audience of textile enthusiasts to deepen the current knowledge and to popularise textiles across Europe.

We strongly invite participants to include in their presentations case studies such as national databases, sites, galleries, forums, libraries and pages dedicated to textiles and textile resources.
Textile Heritage, Textile Atlas, European Textiles, Textile Databases, Traditional crafts
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Main organiser:
Catarina Costeira (Portugal) 1,2
Alina Iancu (Romania) 3
Francisco Gomes (Portugal) 1,2
1. UNIARQ - Centre for Archaeology of the University of Lisbon
2. School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon
3. National Institute of Heritage of Romania