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6. A Decade after the ‘Third Science Revolution in Archaeology’
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Regular session

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New Approaches to Lithic Raw Material Studies: Inferring Past Human Mobility [PaM]
Since the beginning of the human history, rocks have been used for benefiting human activities. They are also one of the best preserved materials in archaeological sites, being their study essential to increase our knowledge about past societies. The study of lithic procurement has historically focused on the analysis of lithic artefacts and potential sources using visual and petrographic methods. Nevertheless, in the last decades, new analytical strategies have been applied to the characterization of lithic raw materials, in order to explore their chemical, mineralogical and petrographic features. The use of statistical methods for data exploration and lithic sample comparison completes these investigation approaches. In this session we will focus on these new approaches that, added to the classic characterizations of lithic artefacts, give valuable data to deep into past human mobility and procurement strategies. Proposals from all chronologies and lithic rocks using one or diverse analytical methods are welcomed.
lithic materials, procurement, analytical methods, statistics, human mobility, cultural landscape
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Main organiser:
Marta Sanchez de la Torre (Spain) 1
Giacomo Eramo (Italy) 2
Giovanna Fioretti (Italy) 2
Ana Abrunhosa (Portugal) 3
Telmo Pereira (Portugal) 4
1. SERP-IAUB. Universitat de Barcelona
2. Earth and Geoenvironmental Sciences Department, University of Bari Aldo Moro
3. ICArEHB, University of Algarve
4. Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa