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6. A Decade after the ‘Third Science Revolution in Archaeology’
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Percussive Osseous Industry a Human Revolution between Pre-formation and Waste Selection [PaM]
Archaeologists have developed a growing interest in the study of the bone industry related to percussion, particularly for Palaeolithic periods. This type of industry became frequent, notably such as the manufacture of bone retouchers, but not only, and recent papers highlight the possible use of some bone fragments as hammer or anvil. Most of these tools were originated from herbivore long bones, although some specific elements as tusk fragments, teeth or antlers were common too. The cross-application analyses with new methodologies and more classical ones specific to archaeozoology allow to bring answers to essential questions about this type of bone industry:
1) the origin of the bone tools and pseudo bone tools;
2) the place in the technical equipment of the hunter-gatherers;
3) the blank selection: pre-formation of the blank during the butchering process or selection after, among the butchery waste;
4) the in situ used or possible transport, regarding the delay after butchery process and use and finally the abandonment.
In this session, we wish to bring together researchers working across the broad field of the osseous industry. We propose studies from different points of view:
- Morphometric and geometric analyses (blanks);
- Statistical analyses (blanks and marks);
- Archaeological experiments (neo-taphonomy);
- Functional and use analyses (traceology ove bones);
- Raw material (teeth, tusk, bone);
- Typology and nomenclature of the marks;
- Proteomic and DNA (taxonomy).
Instead of focusing on one method, this session aims at exploring how different methodologies may complement each other within and between case-studies and projects to provide a more nuanced understanding of the technical behaviours related to the bone industry through the Palaeolithic and the diverse humanities. Papers may focus on case-studies, theoretical frameworks and the development of specific methodologies related to the percussive osseous industry.
Bone industry, Archaeozoology, Palaeolithic
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Main organiser:
Ursula Thun Hohenstein (Italy) 1
Delphine Vettese (France) 2
Juan Marín Hernando (Spain) 3
1. University of Ferrara
2. IPH . Museum national histoire naturelle Paris