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7. Archaeology of Sustainability through World Crises, Climate Change and War
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Regular session

Title & Content

CANCELLED: Resilient Past, Sustainable Future: Agropastoral Societies, Food Systems, and Climate Adaptations through (Ethno)Archaeological Perspectives
This session aims to address historical adaptations to climatic changes and their relevance for contemporary environmental crises. Unveiling the resilience of past societies, this section integrates studies of past-to-present human-environment interactions, emphasizing traditional rural strategies' benefits and the development of transdisciplinary management plans. It examines how communities historically adapted to climate change, amplifying diverse cultural voices and fostering an inclusive understanding of long-term climate resilience. Building upon historical subsistence strategies, interdisciplinary studies investigate past food systems' response to paleoclimatic conditions. This segment explores methodological approaches to system changes, their relevance to present food security debates, and diachronic studies that track transformation processes over time. Focusing on past-to-present agropastoral societies' responses to climatic events, this segment delves into empirical indications of coping strategies and societal thresholds triggered by climatic hazards. It emphasizes cultural reception, manifesting climatic experiences in ritual practices and societal adaptations in agriculture, economy, and socio-political systems.
Contributions should challenge established paradigms, inequalities, and power hierarchies, emphasizing (ethno)archaeology's role in bridging disciplines. This integrated session aims to synthesize diverse perspectives, enriching our understanding of historical adaptations to climatic challenges while informing sustainable solutions for contemporary issues.
Climate change, Resilience, Sustainable Subsistence Strategies, Adaptation
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Main organiser:
Abel Ruiz-Giralt (Spain) 1
Filippo Brandolini (Italy) 2,3
Julien Schirrmacher (Germany) 4
Ingo Feeser (Germany) 4
Hendrik Raese (Germany) 4
1. Culture, Archaeology and Socio-Ecological Dynamics, Universitat Pompeu Fàbra
2. Center for Global Change Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3. Dipartimento di scienze della Terra Ardito Desio, Universita' degli Studi di Milano
4. Kiel University