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4. Persisting with Change: Theory and Archaeological Scrutiny
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Regular session

Title & Content

Fish * Forms * Functions: The Importance and Societal Role of Aquatic Resources in Prehistoric Societies
Along with hunting and agriculture, aquatic resources represented an important aspect of subsistence in past communities. The various fishing techniques are proven through the finds of artifacts such as fishing equipment, through pictorial representations, and bones.
In this session we want to discuss the role that aquatic resources played in prehistoric societies as well as methods and tools for assessing their societal impact. We aim to discuss the role of fish and marine mammals in the livelihoods of past communities, since for certain periods and cultures, the fish not only served as a food source, but also had a symbolic or mythological meaning. We aim at coming closer to answering the question of the internal and external perception of “fishers”.
We would like to invite contributions dealing with the use of aquatic resources and fishing techniques, but also theoretical contexts to discuss, for instance:
>> The importance of marine resources as food source and methods and techniques for aquiring them
>> the symbolic-religious meaning of the fish during different prehistoric periods
>> the archaeological analysis and evaluation of the relevance of aquatic resources in mixed economies
>> the social functions of fishing in certain communities. Were marine resources famine food, feast, seasonal abundance exploitation, export and trade, competitional, ‘social refugia’, etc.?
We want to welcome colleagues at all career levels and offer particularly young researchers a platform to present their research results.
We also encourage studies that go beyond data presentation and contextualize their findings in a social perspective. Hence. ideas and methodological discussions are as welcome as archaeozoological, iconographic or techno-typological studies, to name a few.
Aquatic resources, Prehistory, social archaeology, Europe, zooarchaeology
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Main organiser:
Daniel Groß (Denmark) 1
Bine Kramberger (Slovenia) 2
Anja Mansrud (Norway) 3
Anja Hellmuth Kramberger (Slovenia) 4
Tatiana Theodoropoulou (France) 5
1. Museum Lolland-Falster
2. Institute for the protection of cultural heritage of Slovenia, Centre for Preventive Archaeology (ZVKDS, CPA)
3. University of Stavanger, Museum of Archaeology, Department of Cultural Heritage
4. Alma Mater Europaea - Fakulteta za humanistični študij, Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (AMEU - ISH)
5. Université Côte d'Azur, Cultures et Environnements, Préhistoire, Antiquité, Moyen Âge (CEPAM)