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3. The Life of Archaeological Heritage in Society
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Discussion session (with formal abstracts)

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Professional Archaeology in Europe: The State of the Issue
The work of archaeologists has changed a lot in recent years, taking great strides towards a thorough professionalization and taking strides to be equal to more structured professions. This evolution, however, followed different stages and times throughout Europe, depending on the specific characteristics of the individual States and the legislation applied in them.
This panel will be a moment of reflection on the state of professional archaeology in Europe by presenting data that shows work and professional life of European archaeologists, how archaeology and its workers are perceived in society, what specific difficulties involve this field of work compared to other high scientific level professions.
We welcome reports that offer a deep and wide vision of the work of professional archaeologists in the various European States, aim to understand their real professional conditions and initiate a comparison which can be followed by the identification of shared collaboration strategies.
This session is organized in collaboration with the Italian National Association of Archaeologists (ANA), which is part of the Advisory Committee of the EAA 2024. The session would be an opportunity to show data of the 3rd National Census of Italian Archaeologists proposed by ANA during the fall/winter 2023-2024.
Professional Archeology, European Archaeologists, Work, Society, Legislation
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ANA - Associazione Nazionale Archeologi (Italian National Association of Archaeologists)


Main organiser:
Marcella Giorgio (Italy) 1,2
Giovanni Festa (United Kingdom) 3
1. ANA - Associazione Nazionale Archeologi (Italian National Association of Archaeologists)
2. Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per le province di Pisa e Livorno (Italian Ministry of Culture )
3. University of Salzburg (Austria)