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35 Building up the Momentum in Archaeo-Geophysics: The “Soil Science & Archaeo-Geophysics Alliance" (COST Action SAGA-CA17131) view
40 Invisible Excavation: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Science of Organic Materials for Reconstructing Ritual Practices and Diet view
43 Life and Lore in the Late Iron Age (c. 550-1050 AD) North view
45 Current Research on Bronze and Iron Ages Hoards view
46 Interaction in Action: Human and Societal Adaptability in Response to Changes in Climate and Environment in Medieval Europe view
50 Lost in Transmission - Following Knowledge in Hunter-Gatherer Societies [PaM] view
55 Castlescapes [MERC] view
63 The Archaeology of the Sky view
64 Reconstructing Faunal Exploitation Patterns, Palaeoecologies and Living Landscapes of the Pleistocene [PaM] view
67 Gens Normannorum – Understanding Norman Interactions through Material Culture [MERC] view
72 Archaeology and Interdisciplinarity: The New Status Quo or the New Buzzword? view
77 Plants Meet Artifacts: Developing Interdisciplinary Approaches to Identify Plant Processing and Use in Archaeology [Archaeology of Wild Plants] view
82 Collaborative Synthesis: The EAA-SAA Human Migration Projects view
84 Islamicate Archaeology in Europe. The Elephant in the Room [MERC] view
92 Disentangling Inequality and Its Mechanisms in Late Prehistoric Europe through Isotope Analysis view
99 From the Final Paleolithic to the Early Mesolithic in Europe – Comparing Regional Records [PaM] view
104 Signalling Intent: Beacons and Military Communications from Antiquity to Early Modern Times [MERC] view
106 Archaeology of the Silk Road: Ancient Pathway to the Modern World view
108 Organic Networks: Tracing the Procurement, Trade and Exchange of Plant and Animal Resources in the Archaeological Record view
110 Beyond Cave Archaeology: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human-Cave Interaction in Europe view
121 Reconsidering the Chaine Opératoire: Recent Developments for the Study of Non-Lithic Materials view
124 Archaeology of Soundscapes and Soundscapes for Archaeology view
127 Recent Advances in the Archaeology of Human-Reindeer Interaction [PaM] view
128 Towards an Archaeology of Fermented Products: Building a Multidisciplinary Approach view
135 ArchaeoGenetics, the Real Meaning: Towards Synergies between Genetics and Archaeology view
146 Materializing Sound in Antiquity: Materials as a Bodily and Symbolic Component of Sound Objects view
160 Shaping Cultural Landscapes: Connecting Agriculture, Crafts, Construction, Transport, and Resilience Strategies. Part 1 view
161 Shaping Cultural Landscapes: Connecting Agriculture, Crafts, Construction, Transport, and Resilience Strategies. Part 2 view
162 Medieval Objects, Material Culture Approaches, and Cross-Disciplinary Dialogues [MERC] view
163 Between Time, between Methods: Exploring the Links of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Carpathian Basin through a Ceramic Lens view
166 Rooted Cosmopolitanism: Towards a Glocalization of Heritage and Heritage Practices? view
173 Archaeology and Archaeometry of Glass, 6th to 13th Centuries CE: Possibilities of Archaeological and Historical Interpretation of Major Chemical Types [MERC] view
175 From Skyscape to Archaeology. A Dynamic Interaction between Disciplines view
176 Small and Complex. New Anthropological and Archaeological Perspectives on Miniaturization view
177 Challenge, Change, and Common Ground: The Role of Socially Engaged Practice in Community Archaeology in Modern Europe view
183 Ideas across Times. Cultural Interactions in the Central-Western Mediterranean Sea from VII Century BCE to the Late Roman Age view
185 Morphological Diversity in Archaeology. Data Exploration and Visualization by Geometric Morphometrics view
194 In Textile Layers. Wrapped Human Remains, Animals and Artefacts in the Nile Valley from Prehistory to the Early Medieval Period. Part 1 view
195 In Textile Layers. Wrapped Human Remains, Animals and Artefacts in the Nile Valley from Prehistory to the Early Medieval Period view
196 No Man Travels Alone, He Takes Himself along: Yamnaya Transmission and/or Transformation during the 3rd Millennium BC Europe view
211 Truly Interdisciplinary Science! Ceramic, Metal, Glass, and Stone Provenancing Studies as Tools to Understand the Archaeology of Trade and Exchange view
213 Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Engraved Art view
215 Networks of Interaction and Communication: Patterns of Emerging Complexity view
218 Archaeology in 3D – New Technologies for Old Questions. Part 1 view
219 Archaeology in 3D – New Technologies for Old Questions. Part 2 view
225 Looking beyond the Microscope: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Use-Wear and Residue Analysis view
228 The Exchange of Plants and Food Practices through the Neolithic Period to Iron Age view
232 Exploring Landscape Evolution and Material Culture’s Impact through Interdisciplinarity and Multi-Modelling Approaches. New Challenges in Archaeology [CIfA] view
234 Collapse in the Basin: Regional Perspectives on the 1500-1200 BC Transition in the Carpathian Basin view
235 Spatial and Environmental Contexts of Barrow Landscapes. Theories and Methods of Barrows Investigation in Modern Archaeology view
241 Out of Date? Current Advances in Radiocarbon Dating view
242 Medieval Towns of Europe and Their Sacred Spaces [MERC] view
245 Establishing Boundaries: Linear Earthworks, Frontiers and Borderlands in Early Medieval Europe [MERC] view
252 Building Networks! The Exchange of Knowledge, Ideas and Material for Building in the Medieval and Post-Medieval World [MERC] view
253 The Rural Economy in Transition: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry between the Late Roman Times and the Early Middle Ages [MERC] view
260 Coping with Death at All Ages: (Post-)Funerary Practices, Mourning and Resilience view
261 Archaeology of Central Places in Europe: Power, Christianity and Funeral Rituals [MERC] view
262 Modern Networks and Past Narratives: ‘Treasure Hunting’, the Art Market, Scientific Analysis, and Co-Operation for Protection of Archaeological Heritage view
263 From Fragmented Artefacts to Household Activities. Potentials of Household Archaeology in Settlement Research view
265 Connecting People and Ideas: Networks and Networking in the History of Archaeology view
267 Recycling Cultures: Interpreting the Ways Re-Using and Recycling of the Material Culture and Landscape Are Attested in the Archaeological Record view
268 Rhythms, Routines and Repetition against Culture: The Emergence of Social Identities in Shared Everyday Practices, Food Strategies and Lifestyles view
269 Archaeology of the Early Modern Colonial Limes view
275 Integrating Hard Data in the Interpretation of Medieval Archaeology. Examples, Issues and Perspectives [MERC] view
276 Networks as Resources for Ancient Communities view
279 Neolithic and Bronze Age Tells and Their Networks in the Carpathian Basin and beyond view
282 Protecting Cultural Heritage in Farmed and Forested Landscapes – Models of Organisation, Support, and Case Studies view
288 Archaeologists, Sites and Methodologies: Professional and Personal Networks in mid 20th-Century Europe view
291 European Research Council (ERC) Grants: What Are They, How to Apply? view
293 Round around the Circle – Circular Phenomena and Their Meanings in European Prehistory view
295 Tiny Talks on Tiny Things: Networks Encapsulated in Minute Objects view
299 Routed Archaeology – Archaeological Routes and Their Impact on Perception of Archaeological Heritage in the Landscape view
309 Breaking the Spell: Re-Evaluation of Memory Devices in the Carpathian Basin view
313 Medieval Market Archaeologies: Methods, Cases and Concepts [MERC] view
314 Sensitizing and Engaging the Public: The Role of Online Learning in Archaeology and Heritage Education view
316 Doing Our Best, Finding Common Ground: Archaeological Standards that Transcend National Practice [PAA] [CIfA] view
318 Towards an Archaeology of Partisan and Resistance Networks and Landscapes in 20th-Century Europe view
320 EAA Community ‘Climate Change and Heritage' (CCH) Roundtable view
322 Post-medieval People and Things: Exploring Networks of Agency [MERC] view
325 Disseminating and Curating Non-Visible Archaeological Sites and Significant Cultural Landscapes through Innovative and Sustainable Ideas view
326 The Complexity of Neolithic Livestock Management, Dairy Production, and Farming Strategies North of the Alps view
327 Interpreting Archaeological Finds of Enigmatic Tubular Bones as Sound Instruments: Possibilities and Pitfalls view
328 Population Dynamics and Ecological Influences in European Hunter-Gatherers [PaM] view
336 Experiencing Networks: Practices of Trade and Value Assessment through Time and Space view
340 Ceramic is Fantastic: The Life-Cycle of Pottery through Cross-Disciplinary Studies view
342 Exploring the Székelyföld through a Multidisciplinary Approach to the Past view
345 Cross-Disciplinary Approaches in Archaeometallurgy. Part 1 view
350 Sustainability, Unsustainability and Opportunity for Archaeological Data view
356 Mobility and Population Transformation in the Migration Period and Early Middle Ages: Changing Societies and Identities view
357 Christianity at the Frontiers view
361 Cross-Disciplinary Approaches in Archaeometallurgy. Part 2 view
364 Integrated Methodologies for the Study of Lifeways, Dietary and Occupational Environments in Prehistoric and Historical Periods view
367 Not Another 25 Years! Combatting Harassment and Assault in Archaeology [AGE] view
372 Networks of Chronology and Chronological Networks view
376 Networks and Mobility in the 3rd-2nd Millennium BCE between the Middle-Danube and the Adriatic Area: New Ideas and Interdisciplinary Approaches view
379 Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked: Current State and Prospects in the Study of ‘Deviant’ Burial Practices [MERC] view
380 Over the Hills and Far Away: Connectivity within and across Mountainous Regions in the Balkan Early Neolithic view
386 The Cross-Cultural Crossbar/ Music and the High Cs [CIfA] [SAfA] view
389 Early Agricultural Communities in South-Eastern Europe: New Discoveries, Interpretations and Models view
391 Prehistory, Archaeology and Archaeologists as Reflected in School Books and Curricula view
392 Multiscalar Approaches to Interaction the Mediterranean: Shedding Light on Local and Regional Mobility view
394 The Urban Archaeology Community Network: Urban Archaeology in 2020 [MERC] [CIfA] view
399 Speculative Archaeology: Creating Methodologies view
400 Late Neanderthals of the Middle Danube Basin in Central European Context: Cultural Variability, Interregional Contacts, Developmental Capacities [PaM] view
401 Image-Based 3D-Documentation – Next level of Data Storage in Digital Archaeology view
402 The Imitation Game: Investigating the Who, What, Why, Where and When of Imitative Coins view
405 Bioarchaeological Perspectives on Social Change during the Middle Ages [MERC] view
409 The Precariat in Archaeology [ECA] view
411 Education Shaping Public Perceptions of Medieval Archaeology [MERC] view
414 Digital Pottery Archives: New Methods of Data Use and Classification view
415 From Abacus to Calculus. Computational Approaches to Roman Economy view
421 Skin, Leather, and Hide: Scientific Methods and Novel Approaches to the Study of Archaeological Leather view
423 So What? How to Gently Kill Your Darlings or How to Communicate to an Audience as Wide as Possible view
424 Gender and Archaeology for Non-Specialist Audiences [AGE] view
426 Medieval Urban Parish-Churches: An Archaeological Perspective [MERC] view
428 Medieval Mining District. A European Landscape Perspective [MERC] view
435 The Climate Impact on European Neolithic Societies during the 8.2-ky BP Events near River Basins and Lakes Shores view
436 Now You Can’t See Me! Searching for Resilience as an Archaeologically Observable Phenomenon view
438 Archaeology and Its Political Uses: Historical, Historiographic and Ideological Discourses view
441 Weaving Mobility. Movement of People, Tools, and Techniques in the Textile Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean view
444 14C: The Clock Reading the Past and Present of the Humankind view
445 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Identify and Preserve Fibres and Textile Products in the Archaeological Field view
448 Just a Demonstration of Power? The Setting of Strongholds within Their Landscape [COMFORT] view
454 Archaeology and Infrastructure: Future Networks, Contemporary Collaborations and Past Landscapes view
455 Knapp, Knapp - Who’s There? Lithics and Their Interpretational Attributes view
457 From Novices to Experts: Development and Transmission of Technical Knowledge in Prehistory view
458 Interdisciplinarity in the Archaeological Research of Religious Phenomena view
462 The Mongol Invasion of Central and Eastern Europe: Archaeological and Historical Interpretations [MERC] view
464 Traum - Tracing Reality in Archaeology Using Machine Learning view
468 Pre-Christian Beliefs of Central and Northern Europe. Interdisciplinary Investigations view
470 Non-Invasive Regional Survey Strategies: Discussing the Methodological Golden Mean view
473 Carpathian Basin and Its Borders in Time of Wars between Fall of Constantinople and the End of World War 2 view
474 The Bioarchaeology of Lethal Violence and Other Not-So-Ultimate Interactions: Exploring the Interface between Trauma and Taphonomy view
477 Novel Cross-Disciplinary Approaches in Bioarchaeology view
478 The Rise of the Religious Landscape in Carpathian Basin: The Archaeology of Round Shaped Churches and Their European Context view
479 Constructive Conservation: Making Monuments Useful [CIfA] view
480 How to Promote Inter- and Transdisciplinarity in Mediterranean Archaeology? view
481 Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to the Study of Archaeological Woodcrafts and Other Plant-Based Implements and Structures [Archaeology of Wild Plants] view
482 New and Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Research of Prehistoric Waterborne Communication and Exchange along European Rivers, Lakes and Coastal Waters [PaM] view
483 Medieval Stone Monuments [SEAC] [MERC] [CIfA] [SAfA] view
485 The Archaeology of Recovery: The Aftermath of War view
487 Megaliths on the Edge: The Place of Cultural Transformation view
488 ‘…In with the New!’ Up and Coming Archaeological Research in Medieval Europe in 2020 [MERC] view
489 25 Years after: Past and Future of Some Common Places in Archaeology [EAA] view
490 Standardising Archaeologists' Professional Skills in Europe: National Differences, Transnational Similarities [DISCO, PAA] view
501 General Session - Landscapes in flux view
502 General Session - Lithics in Different Context view
503 General Session - Human-Animal Relationships view
504 General Session - Heritage in Focus view
505 General Session - Waterscapes view
506 General Session - Microarchaeology of Past Bodies view
507 General Session - Limes, Borders, Marginal Zones view
508 General Session - Neolithic World view
509 General Session - Eurasian Nomads view
510 General Session - Archaeology of the Carpathian Basin view
511 General Session - Settlements view
512 General Session - Gender in Funerary Context view
513 General Session - Ceramic and Other Technologies view
514 General Session - Multicoloured Archaeology view
515 General Session - Kurgans in Southeast and East-Central Europe view
516 General Session - The Roman Limes as Military, Political, Economic and Cultural Decisive Factor on the Barbarian Territories view
517 General Session - "More than Just Bones” - Understanding Past Human Behaviour through the Study of Human Remains view
518 General Session - Seeing the ‘Art’ in Artifacts: The Inter-Connections of Archaeology and the Arts view
519 General Session - Integrated Materials: How Can Simple Artefacts Answer Complicated Questions view