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# Title
1 This is a test session [CIfA] [SAfA] view
13 Amphibious Archaeology, Waterscapes, and Fluidity view
15 United Europe of Things? Materialities Creating Medieval Ritual Landscapes (c. AD 1000-1550) [MERC] view
18 Fish * Forms * Functions: The Importance and Societal Role of Aquatic Resources in Prehistoric Societies view
33 Earthen Architecture and Its Environmental Dimension, from the Past to the Future view
34 Archaeology, Landscape and Skyscape. How Material Archeology Change and Persist with Different Ontological and Epistemological Interpretations view
37 Landscapes of Sustainability: Resource Exploitation in the Mediterranean view
42 Europe-South Asia Relations in the Medieval and Modern Periods [MERC] view
57 What Do We Need to Know to Understand Stone Age Migration and Mobility? view
58 Archaeologies of Global Outlands. Non-Agricultural Economies and Interconnected Societies [MERC] view
63 Shifting Focus: The Cultural Context of Figurines in the European Neolithic view
72 Biological Anthropology Insights into Behavioral and Cultural Changes view
74 Establishing a Socio-Political Bioarchaeology in Historical Times: Impacts of Status-Quo Transitions on Lifeways and Deathways in the Mediterranean Southern Europe view
76 Exploring Sounds and Music in Archaeological Landscapes view
83 What’s Going on with Finder-Collectors where You Are? view
85 Trade Hub? Safe Haven? Ritual Centre? The Role of Ditch Systems and Central Sites in the Neolithic view
88 Colonizing the New World: The Impact of Roman Imperialism across the Atlantic view
92 Stable Isotope Analysis of Central and Eastern European Skeletal Remains view
93 Post-Earthquake Scenarios in the Classical and Medieval Periods. Archaeoseismology as a Tool for Investigation on an Urban and Architectural Scale [MERC] view
95 Second Millennium BCE Burial Practices in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean from an Interdisciplinary Perspective view
104 Zoochanges: Animals as Proxies during Periods of Transition and Change [MERC] view
105 How Were Medieval Towns in Europe Formed? Urban Settlements Between the Early and the High Middle Ages [MERC] view
120 Divide and Conquer? Advancing Multiscale Theoretical Frameworks for Archaeological Ceramics in Northwestern Europe view
122 Indicators of Nonprivileged Populations from Funerary Contexts: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Assessing Disparities in Past Populations view
135 All in One Breath: (Bio)Archaeological Approaches to Respiratory Diseases view
139 Understanding the Broader Picture: Multi-Site and Longue Durée Approaches to the Study of Recycling, Repair, and Secondary Use in Antiquity view
143 ResourceCultures - Socio-Cultural Dynamics and the Use of Resources view
151 The Beasts Among Us: A Closer Look at Synanthropic Human-Animal Relations in the Past view
157 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Human Behavior and Environmental Dynamics of Late Early Pleistocene and Middle Pleistocene Europe view
160 Mysterious Mud: A Transversal Approach to Interpreting Unsolved Earthen Remains view
173 Early Careers on the Roman Frontiers – Connecting People, exploring innovative methods, advancing interdisciplinarity view
182 Invisible or Hard to See: Non-burial Treatment of the Dead in the Archaeological Record view
184 Archaeology of Foodways: Towards a Cross-Cultural Comparative Perspective view
188 Cult Practices in the Ancient Mediterranean: Mobility, Changes, and Persistence view
192 Frontiers of Heritage: Cultural Landscapes, Community Interactions, and Methodological Approaches view
207 Divided by ‘Facts’: Re-thinking the Challenging Relationship between Ancient Written Sources and the Archaeological Record through Telling Case Studies view
209 Not Another Session on Ethnicity! Replacing Ethnic with Other Types of Group Identities view
210 Breaking Traditions: Sudden Change and Abandonment in Archaeological Landscapes view
217 Materialising the Invisible. The Analysis of Rural Societies in the Transition to the Early Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsula view
223 Monumental Issues: Archaeological Approaches to the Public Materialities of Contested Pasts view
226 Maritime Heterotopias: Novel Insights into the Archaeology of Maritime Cultural Landscapes in the Mediterranean and Beyond view
240 Megaliths and the Community: Opportunities and Challenges of Community Engagement in the Management, Public Presentation, and Protection of Neolithic Landscapes [CIfA] view
247 Essential or Essentialist: Sex and Gender Categories in Archaeological Interpretation view
248 Lithics, Fauna: Let Them Refit! view
301 What Is a Village? Collective Action, Settlement Patterns and Rural Communities [MERC] view
302 Luxury - Standard - Poverty: Archaeology of Quality of Life in Medieval and Early Modern Towns [MERC] view
306 Phoenician and Punic Archaeology in Europe (and Beyond): Receptions, Heritage, and Projects view
327 Human Influence on Coastal Paleoenvironments: A Geoarchaeological Perspective of Human-Environmental Interactions from the Quaternary to the Anthropocene view
330 Textile Records: Past, Present and Future of Textile-Related Artefacts Recording in the Mediterranean and beyond view
331 Across Deserts and Seas: Tempos and Modes of Neolithization in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula [SAfA] view
332 Change and Persistence in the Transition from Late Hellenistic to Early Roman Imperial Times in the Eastern Mediterranean view
334 Ethnographic Analogy and the Pleistocene Archaeological Record: Re-assessing Potentials and Pitfalls [SAfA] view
336 Burial after the End of the World view
340 Aftermath of War: Precarity and Consequences of Armed Conflicts from Prehistory to Early Modern Period view
354 Scene City. Settlement Aggregation and Community Transformation in the Built Environment of the Eastern Mediterranean between IV-II Millennia BC. view
355 Ochre and Culture: The Odyssey from Exploitation to Societal Significance [SAfA] view
359 The 4th and 3rd Millennium BC Steppe Impact on Prehistoric Europe view
364 Modeling Pleistocene Survival Dynamics: Ecology, Energetics and Evolution view
369 Animals in Bronze Age Europe: New Perspectives view
374 From Lab to Field, from Vertical to Horizontal. New Approaches to the Use of Portable X-ray Fluorescence (pXRF) in Archaeology [MERC] view
381 Capacity Building for FAIR Data Sharing and Digital Preservation view
387 Archaeology & the Global Middle Ages: Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Trajectories [MERC] view
390 Modelling connections: new methodologies to understand human mobility, route networks and land use view
393 Continuity and Change in Ritual Landscapes Dynamics: Reuse and Transformation of Prehistoric Ritual Places view
395 Old Stories and New Data on Slavs. How to Interpret the Genetic, Linguistic and Subsistence Shifts in Early Medieval Europe? [MERC] view
396 Exploring everyday domestic life: from the Neolithic to the early modern period view
398 What Do Animal Bones Have to Offer? Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy during the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Transition in Southern Europe view
406 ‘Doing Good with Archaeology’: Social Sustainability and Activistic Practices to Transform People's Lives and Support Flourishing Communities view
408 Crafting Iron Age Societies: Can Creativity, Technology, or Typology Highlight Human Past Transformations? view
409 Out across the Sea: Bell Beaker Maritime Connections and Networks in the Mediterranean view
411 What Are the Next Challenges for the Professional Ethics of Human Remains? view
417 Hispania and the Mediterranean: New Approaches to the Analysis of Sea-and-Inland Networks (3rd c. BC-7th c. AD) view
426 When Geophysics meets Archaeology: examples from Cultural Heritage to Rescue Archaeology view
430 Current Trends and Future Directions in Quarries and Rock-cut Sites Studies: Theory, Method and Dissemination view
432 Residential Building Techniques with Wood and Daub in Prehistory: What We Find and What We Reconstruct view
433 Enclosed Societies: prehistoric ditches of Southeast Europe and the adjacent areas view
438 In spe resurrectionis. The multidisciplinary approach to crypt burials in early Modern Europe view
439 Interdisciplinary and Multiscalar Approaches to Bioarchaeology in the Danube Provinces of the Roman Empire view
446 The Grand Tour between Tradition and Transformation: Narratives, Presentations, and Representations view
452 Coastal Technology among Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers and Early Agropastoral Communities view
460 Alternative paths to complexity: new perspectives on Late Bronze Age and Iron Age centralisation in the Mediterranean view
463 Methods of Analysing Subsistence Resources, Landscape Management and Exploitation Practices between the Bronze Age and Iron Age view
466 Facilitating Public Engagement and Participation in Development-led Archaeology view
468 The relationship between rural settlements and the territory during the Roman period and Late Antiquity. view
470 Bridging the Walls: Comparative Perspectives on Fortified Settlements view
472 'Archaeologies of Climate Change’: Current issues and future directions view
482 ‘Past Is Not Past’. Environmental Effects of Past Land Use on Present Resources Ecology. Environmental Archaeology between Research and Application view
484 Archaeologies and Heritagizations of Historic and Contemporary Violence view
492 Assessing Damage Caused to Archaeological Heritage: Expectations and Reality view
493 Animals mediating the real and imaginary: In Search for New Understandings of Human-Animal Relationships view
496 From Micro to Macro: Integrating Micromorphology and Microcontextual Analyses for Archaeological Insights view
497 Food Storage and Security in Prehistoric Europe view
498 Refuse in Context: Archaeology of Waste Management Practices in Ancient Mediterranean Urban Settings view
499 Neutrons and Synchrotrons in Heritage Science: New Methods, Techniques, and Their Impact on Archaeology view
502 Advances in Japanese Archaeology view
505 Ethnographies of Makers and Making: Traditional Craft and Technology in Contemporary Societies view
510 Rome’s Place in an Eponymous Empire view
514 Applying Archaeological Research Software Engineering as Little Minions: Statistical & Computational Approaches to Daily Archaeological Tasks view
517 BC_Before Church. Cult Buildings in Ancient Mediterranean Europe. Session 2: Hut - Temple - Church (Xth BC - IIIrd-IVth AD) view
520 Persisting and Changing Work Identities from the Prehistoric to the Hellenistic Mediterranean view
522 Society in the Medieval Mediterranean (5th to the 12th Centuries) through Archaeology of Death [MERC] view
525 Exploring Dental Pathologies and Diet Across Time and Space: An Interdisciplinary Approach view
531 Making Connections: Towards Archaeological Narratives in Contemporary Society view
533 Forensic Archaeology: The Important Role of Archaeology in Legal and Humanitarian Investigations view
538 Contacts, Movements, Migrations in the Viking Age: Maritime Aspects of the Norse Expansion into the North Atlantic [MERC] view
542 Medieval Sensorium: Exploring the Archaeology of the Senses [MERC] view
544 New Directions for Metric and Nonmetric Biodistance Analysis in Europe and Beyond view
548 "Land ahead!" Islands-Mainland Mobility across the Mediterranean in Prehistory view
549 Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Middle Paleolithic Record of the Balkan Peninsula view
553 Advancing Paleolithic Intra-Site Spatial Analysis: New Methods, Applications, and Interpretation view
556 Exploring Ancient Solutions for Modern Challenges: Archaeological Insights into Food Systems and Adaptations to Changing Environments view
557 New Frontiers in Stable Isotope Research of Bioarchaeological Remains: Progress and Pitfalls view
559 The Mediterranean(s) in Transition: Global Permanence(s), Material Culture(s), and Resilience between 5th and 10th Century AD view
566 Multiple Scales in the Manifestations of the Islamic [MERC] view
569 Unearthing the Echoes of Violence view
571 Debating Best Practices and New Approaches for a Sustainable Study of Rock Art [SAfA] view
575 Abandonment and Opportunities – Responses to the Late Medieval Desertion [MERC] view
577 Following the River: Flowscapes as Clusters of Communication in the Ancient Mediterranean World view
579 Digital Approaches in Textile Archaeology from the Field to the Museum view
588 Studies of Migration Period and Early Medieval Populations: Integrating Natural Sciences and Humanities view
591 Beyond the Walls. Interrogating the Wider Landscapes of Iron Age Communities in Temperate Europe view
592 Decision-making and Assessing and Articulating Archaeological Significance view
593 Whither Evolutionary Archaeology? view
594 "All Roads Lead to the South", Facing the European Palaeolithic from the South of the Iberian Peninsula view
595 The Living Heritage: Archaeological Cultural Routes in the Context of Cultural Tourism Networks view
597 Migration and the Making of the Ancient Greek World view
598 The Archaeobotany of Cities and Urban Landscapes view
600 Churches as Resources for Society – Co-Creating Knowledge and Capturing Social Value [MERC] view
603 Trial By Fire: Scientific Experimental Approaches to Intentional and Accidental Creation and Preservation by Heat view
613 Making the Most of What We’ve Got: Activating Museum Collections, Monuments and Built Heritage view
615 Archaeology of Archaeology? view
616 Whose Heritage? Migration and Heritage: Problem or Opportunity? view
617 From Lots of Data to Big Data: Strategies for Quality, Reusability, and Accessibility of Databases view
626 MERC Forum. Standing Ruined Buildings in Large Cities: A Burden or a Resource for Society? [MERC] view
627 More than Fire: Investigating Pyre Technology in Experimental and Archaeological Cremations for Understanding the Burning Conditions view
629 Living Through Crisis: Urban Household Archaeologies in the Medieval World [MERC] view
631 ‘‘A Day without Pottery Is a Day Wasted" - Pottery Technology and Manufacture [MERC] view
632 Multiscalar Methods for Studying Ancient Landscape Developments and Settlement Dynamics in the Classical World between Archaeology and Heritage Management view
637 Unveiling Eurasia's Prehistoric Techniques through Use-Wear Analysis: A Cross-Cultural Exploration view
638 Symbolism and Society during the Late Prehistory of Western Europe: Megaliths and Hypogea as Case Studies view
643 The Experience of Stone II: Sculpting Comparative Phenomenologies [MERC] view
644 Mobility and Territoriality in Pre-Roman Italy: Routes, Objects, Ideas view
646 Exploring Traumatic Injuries Leading to Disability in the Pre-antibiotic Era: A Multidisciplinary Approach view
647 Trajectories of AI in Archaeological Heritage: Geographies, Innovations, Future-Making, and (In)Justices view
648 Workers of the Past Unite! Labour studies today: a reflection on the potentialities and limits of the approach view
650 Disappeared and Forgotten: Nazi Concentration Sub-camps, Forced Labour Camps, and Other Types of Camps as Neglected Archaeological and Heritage Sites view
653 Infectious Disease and Hygiene in the Neolithic and Bronze Age view
654 Centering the object: between production and consumption in ceramic studies view
657 Teaching and Learning Archaeology with Digital Tools view
661 On Fire! Ancient Pyrotechnologies in Productive and Ritual Eastern Mediterranean and Near Eastern Contexts view
664 Archaeological Heritage Management: Processes and Models for Comparison view
666 The Impact of Digital Methods in Bioarchaeology and Paleoanthropology: Innovative Applications and Technological Advances view
669 Ottoman-Era/Historical Archaeology: Materials and Methods in Context view
676 Pots in Transition: Resilience, Change, and Revival in Central Asia and Its Neighbourhood from the Perspective of Ceramics Research view
679 Gender and Sexualities in Material Culture of the Ancient World view
695 Destruction, Burial or Just Fading away. Roman Case Studies on the De-sacralisation of Religious Sites and Material Culture in Antiquity view
696 Preventive Archaeology in Europe: Context of Exercise, Methods and Working Conditions view
697 Human-Environment Interactions in European Calcareous Landscapes during the Pleistocene and Holocene view
699 Tracing Ovicaprine Lives: Bioarchaeological Perspectives on Sheep and Goat Husbandry [SAfA] view
704 Bioarchaeology of Ancient Pathogens view
708 Digital Dissemination: Using New Tools to Communicate with Stakeholders view
709 Ties That Bind: Community, Ecology and Challenges of Scale view
710 Around the Black Sea: Resilience and Mobility in Prehistory view
717 Interwoven. Textile Exchanges Across the Mediterranean from Prehistory to Us view
723 Egyptian Blue - From Literature to the Artifact to the Lab view
727 The Roman Economic Mosaic: Exploring the Complexity of Economic Dynamics during the Roman Empire view
729 Recent Advances in Documenting the Archaeology of Caves and Their Environments view
731 Changes in Life, Changes in Death: An integrative Approach to the Neolithic Transformations in Southwest Asia view
732 Wetland Archaeology: Advances in Practice and Policy in the 21st Century view
733 Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Archaeology of Roman Textiles - A Story Told Through Threads view
735 Post-medieval cemeteries on the focus - Anthropological and archaeological studies about the past 500 years view
736 Interdisciplinary Trajectories in Mortar Analysis of Historical Buildings view
737 Computational Landscapes: Debating Fundamental Issues of Archaeological Narratives view
738 Reclaiming Herstory: Women in Mediterranean Archaeology from the 18th Century to Today view
739 Analysing the City. Archaeological Science Approaches to Urbanisation in the Mediterranean (1000–500 BCE) view
743 Isotopic Baselines and Beyond: Expanding Archaeological Narratives and Reevaluating the Use of Baselines in Isotope Bioarchaeology view
745 Remote Sensing of the Changing Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa Region view
771 Heritage Beyond Consumption: A Call for a Collective Discussion view
772 Embracing Transdisciplinarity: Multiple Ways of Seeing the Past through Different Ontologies view
775 Exploring Dates-as-Data Approaches: Theoretical Promises and Methodological Problems view
776 Plaster a Multipurpose Material for Binding Knowledge view
784 Demand for Salt: from Prehistory to the Early Modern Period view
787 Artists and Craftsmen. Multidisciplinary Approaches in the Analysis of the Production of Early Medieval Wall Paintings view
789 Sharing, Merging and Analysis of Noninvasive Archaeological Data: towards a MCSA Doctoral Network view
790 The (Copper) Age of Transformation: Research Developments on c. 4500-3500 BC from around the Carpathian Basin view
793 Lithic Raw Materials Lithotheques: Open Access and Interoperability Initiatives view
794 Old Excavations and Finds, New Data and Interpretations: The Use of Archives in Current Archaeological Research Projects view
797 Best Practices on Archaeological 3D Data Management: Methods and Approaches to Capture, Generate, and Disseminate 3D Information in Archaeology view
799 Elevating the Elders: (Re)Centering Older Adults in Bioarchaeology view
802 From Prehistory to Post-medieval Times: Persistence and Change in Artisanal Production across the Mediterranean view
803 Dynamics of Ownership and Transformation of Urban Spaces in the Roman Era view
804 Make Dolia Great Again - Comparative Perspectives on Ancient Clay-jar Winemaking view
811 Bridging the Wall between Prehistory and the Present: Communication and Inclusiveness in the Realms of Science, Heritage and Education view
814 Materialising Meaning. Centering the Role of Social Interactions in Archaeomaterials Studies view
818 Current Status and the Future of Digital Archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean view
819 Network of European Identities – The Iron Age between Alps, Pannonia and Balkans view
833 Adriatic Bridge - Unravelling political, social, and cultural transformations in the Adriatic–Ionian, and Balkan region in the last millenium BC view
834 Women through the Ages: Roles, Rituals, and Research through the Lenses of Archaeological Sciences view
835 The Horse in Archaeology: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Uncovering Relations between Horse and Humans in the Past view
838 Community Engagement in Archaeological Heritage: Best Practices, Objectives, Conflicts, and Plans for the Future view
842 Continuity in Change: Environmental, Cultural, Social and Material Evolution in Ancient Arabia view
843 The “Data Rush” - Adapting to the Consequences of Increased Quantities of High-quality Data in Archaeological Research view
845 Trans-Adriatic Dynamics: Late Bronze to Early Iron Age Matt-Painted Pottery in the Southwestern Balkans and Southern Italy view
848 The archaeogenetics of ancient Italy: socio-cultural changes, interaction and mobility from Prehistory to the Middle Ages view
849 Zooarchaeology in Transition(s): Subsistence Patterns, Cultural Changes and Continuity in European Prehistory through Old and New Tools view
852 Manufacturing Memory. Past Mnemotopoi and Present Map-making in the Quest of Collective Memories view
854 Building Bridges: An Open Forum for Archaeology and Metagenomics view
856 So Falls the World: Archaeology and Heritage against Empire(s) view
857 Persistent signs on surfaces: the innovative use of Visual Archaeology techniques in investigating voluntary and crafting marks view
860 Going with the Flow: The Many Facets of Glass in Past Societies view
861 Insects for Archaeology, Archaeology for Insects: Environmental Storytellings for the Past, Present, and Future view
862 Archaeological Heritage – Diversifying Approaches of Cooperation with Non-European Partners view
863 The Lives and Afterlives of Megaliths: Dialogues of Persistence, Reinvention and Change view
866 Current Research in the Americas. Interdisciplinary Research between Past and Present view
870 Prestige and Luxury Goods: A Material Approach to Gift Giving as a Tool for De-Escalation view
871 Not Just Wear: The Synergy of Trace Analysis with Other Disciplines and Non-Invasive Techniques in Archaeology view
880 PARIS or Paradigm Shift view
882 Synthesis, Facilitator or Hindrance: Should Synthesis Be Part of Commercial Archaeology or Left to the Academics? [CIfA] view
884 Transfer and Reception of Public and Private Architectural Types in the Coastal Settlements of the Mediterranean Basin view
886 The Archaeology of Mass Graves: New Approaches view
888 From Material Landscapes to Cognitive Landscapes view
893 Professional Archaeology in Europe: The State of the Issue view
895 Perceiving and Shaping Landscapes view
901 Understanding the Research Process as a Chaîne Opératoire view
902 Archaeology of Wilderness: Humans, Animals and Landscapes throughout the Holocene view
903 “What Does Pottery Tell Us?” Interpreting the Neolithic Lifestyle in the South of Europe: Traditions, Cultural Identity and Interactions view
904 Mobility, movement and interaction in the ancient world: New Avenues of Interpretation view
905 Modernity as a Colonial Process from within: The Material Impact of Industrialization on European Societies view
909 Integrating Data on Ancient Wine and Oil Presses: Challenges and Interpretative Potential view
915 3D Heritage. Digital Humanities for Documentation, Analysis, and Dissemination of Material Culture view
916 Integrating Neandertal Legacy: From Past to Present. From Science to Society view
918 Public Benefit: Sharing, Critiquing, Brain-Storming and Blue-Skying Experience and Ideas to Help Archaeology Benefit Wider Society in the Future view
923 Metals and Metalworking I: Compositions and Origin view
924 Roads, Passes and Valleys – Recent Discoveries and Perspectives in Caucasus Archaeology view
926 Bridging Past and Present: Exploring Collaborative Approaches in Community and Citizen Archaeology view
927 Reflecting History in Architecture and Vernacular Design – Directing Sustainable Futures view
928 Why We Should Persist in Making Archaeology Accessible and Inclusive to All? view
929 “What Is the Village?” Regional Comparison of Early European and Near Eastern Prehistoric Villages view
930 Barbarians at the Gate or Behind the Gates? The Collision of the Material Cultures of the Invader and the Invaded view
931 Tracing Human Stories through Stable Isotopes: Unravelling the Dynamics of Health and Identities view
932 Continuity and Change in the Wagons and Chariots of Later Prehistoric Europe and Eurasia view
934 Sacred Landscapes in Context: Creation, Development, and Conceptualisation view
936 Towards the living city through time: Interdisciplinary approaches to ancient civilisations of Central Italy view
938 The Archaeology of Ancient Borderscapes: Multiple Approaches, New Paradigms [SAfA] view
946 Ritualism and Funerary Practices in the Mediterranean Basin: Objects, Symbolism, Inputs, and Resilience view
950 Trade in Metals from the Bronze Age till Early Modern Times between the Carpathian Basin and the Northern Adriatic view
957 Destroyed, Submerged, and Unreachable: The Challenging Interpretation of Human Strategies across Lost Landscapes view
965 In-Situ Sensing of (Geo-)Archaeological Soil and Sediment Archives: Emerging Methodologies and Applications view
971 Health of Laboring Communities across Geographies of Work [MERC] view
973 Pyroachaeology: Fire-Related Engineering, Environment and Cultural Proxies view
974 Metals and Metalworking II: Production and Technology view
975 Baskets and Their Belongings: Archaeobotany and Conservation of Vegetal Basketry Objects and Their Vegetal Content view
978 The Role of Public Archaeology in Heritage Management view
982 Tracing & Protecting: Facing the Shadows of Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Goods view
984 Archaeology and Anthropology, two approaches one goal: insight into life and death from the 3rd to 7th century CE view
987 The Introduction of Tin Bronze in Prehistoric Europe view
988 Through the Lens of Pottery: Technologies in Times of Change in Prehistoric Mediterranean Basin view
995 Sense and Sustainability in Foraging Communities view
997 Chaîne Opératoire and Life Cycle of Protohistoric and Ancient Building Materials view
1000 Advanced Methodologies for Life History Reconstruction in Bioarchaeology view
1004 Tracking the Life History through the Microarchitecture of the Human Bone view
1008 Food Processing and Cooking Practices in Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia (Neolithic to Iron Age) view
1009 Beyond the lens: contemporary methods and interdisciplinary synergies in archaeobotany view
1011 Investigation of Neolithic Lithic Technology and Experimentation: An Approach to Technical Variability view
1013 Funerary Rites in European Prehistory: Knowledge Transfer in a World of Worlds view
1015 Eternal Rest in the West: Funerary Contexts in Western Mediterranean Protohistory view
1016 Intra-Murial Burials and Their Cultural Landscape in Europe and the Mediterranean from Prehistory to the Middle Ages view
1018 More than Just Data: The Role of Archaeological Theory in Refining Geoscience-driven Research Questions view
1021 EAA Community for Climate Change and Heritage (CCH) Roundtable view
1022 Rethinking Ancient Mediterranean Incarceration and Exile view
1023 Connecting through vitreous materials: multidisciplinary approaches to Mediterranean networks in the 2nd-1st Millennium BCE view
1024 Understanding Behavioural Changes through Material Studies - Adaptation and Social Complexity of the Homo Sapiens view
1027 How to Hunt? How to Herd? New Approaches to Old Questions on Human-Nonhuman/Animal Entanglements view
1029 Changing Perceptions on Tile, Brick, and Architectural Terracotta – New Results and Directions in Research view
1030 Surveying in Archaeology in the Digital Era: Rethinking Old Procedures and Imagining New Standards view
1033 Choosing the Right Cup for the Job: Functional and Non-Functional Consumption Habits view
1040 Tracking the Urban DNA. Unravelling the Rise and Fall of Towns and Cities [MERC] view
1043 Out of Neglect, into the Spotlight. Strategies and Good Practices for Rediscovering Sites with Troubled Histories view
1044 What a Waste! – The Epistemological Value of Refuse and Discarded Materials in the Current Archaeological Research view
1046 Evolutionary Approaches to Archaeological Questions: Human Behavioral Ecology and Cultural Transmission Theory view
1048 Antiques, Heirlooms, and Memorabilia: The Relationship between Portable Objects and Memory in the Ancient World view
1049 ‘Til Death Do Us Part? Revisiting the Question of Double Burials view
1050 Redefining Abandonment: Geoarchaeological and Ethnographical Approaches to Unveiling Hidden Narratives view
1052 Reviewing the 2020 MERC Manifesto – Checking in on the Future Direction of Medieval Archaeology in Europe [MERC] view
1054 Landscape Archaeology and Place Names in Multifocus Interpretations view
1056 Telling the Stories of Others? Ethics, Epistemology, and Practices in Archaeological Discourses view
1057 The Mediterranean in Scandinavia – Imports and Trade during the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period, c. 1000-1800 [MERC] view
1058 Dryland Agriculture and Land Use; Past, Present and Future Resilience view
1060 Feminist Perspectives on Social Archaeology. AGE Session In Memoriam Liv Helga Dommasnes view
1061 Appreciating the Archaeological Value of Preserved Faeces Using Multifaceted Methods view
1065 Advances in the Study of Ancient Pottery: Bringing Social Archaeology and Digital Archaeology Together view
1068 Agrarian Change in the Medieval Mediterranean: Towards Holistic Archaeologies of Environmental Change [MERC] view
1071 Machine Learning Methods in Archaeological Research: New Approaches, Barriers and Standardization view
1072 Crop History Research: After Prehistory view
1076 The Late Antique to Early Medieval Transition in Europe and North Africa: Socio-Cultural Dynamics of Migration, Mobility, and Identity [MERC] view
1077 Research Data Management in the Field view
1078 Women at Archeological Conferences from the 19th Century to the Late 1990s: Presence, Representation and Experiences view
1079 Reading Field Sites, Excavating Archives: The Archaeology and History of Pastoral Societies [MERC] view
1081 Exploring Wetland Settlements: Archaeological Research Methodologies and Empirical Insights view
1082 The Archaeology of EU-PoTaRCh: The Production of Potash, Tar, Resin and Charcoal in the Archaeological Record view
1083 Biography, Personhood, Politics, Ancestry and Luck: The Archaeology of Life Paths view
1088 Persistent Interpretations and Continual Changes. New Theories and Alternative Approaches toward Interdisciplinary Narratives of the Past view
1089 Ritual Variance in Graeco-Roman Religions: Cognitive and Sensory Theoretical Perspectives view
1090 Archaeobotanical Heritage: Collect, Preserve, Show, Share! view
1091 Archaeology and Nature Management: Friend or Foe? How Archaeological Heritage Is Dealt with in Nature Conservation Context view
1093 Life and Death in the Celtic West: New Insights from Bioarchaeology and Funerary Archaeology view
1094 Performativity, Networks and Agency in Geometric Iconography. Towards an Aesthetics and Visual Language Archaeology view
1095 Scale Matters. The Complexity of Reconstructing Past Human-Environment Interactions view
1097 The Mindreading of Materialities. Archaeology of Movement and Sight view
1101 Imprints - Tracing Late Prehistoric Environmental Impact in Southern Europe through Non/Low Invasive Methods view
1102 Strategies to Rule Them All. A Transnational Analysis of Landscape Control and Scales of Power Between 5-16th Centuries [MERC] view
1103 Embodied Identities: Unraveling Symbolic Threads through Ornaments, Garments, and Portable Objects view
1107 Manipulating Senses and Staging the Inconceivable. Discovering the Embodied Past by Phenomenological Explorations and other Methods view
1108 Archaeology, Text, Narrative, and the Usable Past in Global Perspective view
1109 Mesolithic & Neolithic Evolutionary Trajectories at the Mediterranean view
1111 Non-invasive archaeology: integrating satellite, UAV, and geophysics with traditional field methodologies view
1112 The Day After: The Materiality of Resilience, Memory and Inequality in Post-disaster Scenarios view
1113 Going Beyond Traditional Approaches to Lithic Research in Prehistory and Protohistory: Hypothesis, methods, validation, contrast and raw data view
1119 Crafts in the Roman World: Production, Distribution, and Pedagogy view
1120 Human environment interactions in the Eurasian steppes from prehistory to the early historical periods view
1123 Transient Traces: Unearthing the Hidden Material Dimensions of Contemporary Migration view
1124 Changing land use strategies at high mountain areas in Europe since the Neolithic view
1127 Places of the living and places of the dead: the relationship between settlements and burial sites in Central Asia view
1128 Roundtable of the Community for Teaching and Training of Archaeologists [CIfA] view
1129 Inclusive Archaeology: Practical Approaches to Heritage Participation [MERC] view
1132 „From Chaos to Coherence” The Scientific Value and Perspective on Commingled and Fragmentary Human Remains view
1133 Everything Counts in Large Amounts? The Emergence of Trade Networks in Medieval Eastern Europe. The Archaeological and Archaeometric Evidence view
1138 The Anti-HABI Toolkit: 2nd Workshop on Solutions and Measures for Preventing and Addressing Harassment, Assault, Bullying and Intimidation in Archaeology view
1139 Them and Us: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Identity, Community, and ‘Otherness’ in the Medieval World view
1140 Health and disease in medieval Islamic populations in Europe view
1144 New Trends in Medieval and Modern Glass: Glass Centres, Production and Trade [MERC] view
1146 Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe, 10 Years Later view
1147 Mediterranean Interaction “from within”: Island and Coastal Communities in Dialogue view
1148 On the Life of Vows: Monastic Archeology and Bioarchaeology view
1149 Modelling as Collective Undertaking: Best Practices in Building an Open Access Library for Agent-based Modelling in Archaeology view
1150 Caves and Rockshelters as Archives to Study Processes of Change view
1151 Time for Big Changes: transformative and persistent impulses in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC Europe view
1154 Stone Age Theory in an Undefined Paradigm: Gen-Y to Z, Third Science Revolutions to New Materialisms view
1155 Down Memory Lane. Recurrences in Transforming Landscapes view
1157 Theoretical and Methodological Definition of the “Archaeological Potential” in Preventive Archaeology. Challenges and Opportunities view
1159 BC_Before Church. Cult buildings in Ancient Mediterranean Europe. Session 1. Beyond the Threshold: "Indoor" Cult-Places in Mediterranean Europe view
1160 Intercultural Contacts within the Baltic Sea Region from Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages view
1161 Heritage Tales: Participatory Approaches to Heritage Management and Community Engagement view
1163 Coping with Conflicts. Investigating Deescalation Strategies in Pre- and Early-State Communities view
1165 Collecting across Borders: Histories of Collecting and Current Debates on Collections view
1166 History without Crossroads? Centring the Periphery of the Mediterranean view
1167 Historical Archaeologies of the Coastal and Fluvial Anthroposphere – landscapes and structures, combining settlement archaeology and geosciences [MERC] view
1168 “Not All Men”? Approaching Masculinities as Gendered Identities within Their Social Contexts and Practices in Prehistoric Europe view
1170 Windows to the Past: Archaeological Thinking, Interdisciplinarity, and Qualitative Analysis in the Digital World view
1172 Hoard in situ. The Archaeological Context for Understanding Metal Age Hoards view
1173 Gender and Economies in Transition in the 1st Millennium BC Mediterranean view
1179 The Exploitation, Uses, and Representations of Marine Invertebrates (Molluscs, Crustaceans, Echinoderms) in the Roman Empire view
1182 Cooperating or Competing? – The Organisation of Space and Power Using Networks and Systems of Fortifications view
1184 Archaeology Against Rural Abandonment: Rethinking Medieval and Post-Medieval Rural Settlement in The Light of The Challenges of the 21st Century view
1188 Past, present, and future of Archaeothanatology: a critical discussion on the state of the discipline. view
1190 Agro-silvo-pastoral practices and meeting points in upper montane regions. Creating and preserving community bonds view
1192 Curating Archaeology – How to Exhibit the Past view
1193 A Liquid Continent. Linking Seascapes, Social Power and Ecology in the Mediterranean view
1195 Path to New Horizons or Handmaiden to History? Isotopic Studies across the Prehistoric–historic Divide view
1208 "Building Bridges: Advancing Archaeological Heritage and Tourism Management". Organized by the Community on the Management of Archaeological Heritage and Tourism view
1224 ERC funding opportunities for archaeology view
1225 General session view