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# Title
10 United Europe of Things 3: Understanding Transition - Integration - [Re]Integration through Medieval Material Culture [MERC] view
12 Seeing the ‘Art’ in Artifacts: The Inter-connections of Archaeology and the Arts view
16 The Dawn, Apogee and Modern Demise of Kurgans in Southeast and East-central Europe view
17 Becoming a Published Archaeologist [ECA] view
27 Engaging the Public, Heritage and Educators through Material Culture Research view
32 Skyscape, Landscape and Archaeology. Study of Ancient Buildings from Different Perspectives and Disciplines to Give Them a Cultural Meaning [SEAC-EAA] view
35 Where’s My Tribe? Developing New Approaches to Connectivity, Mobility and Community in Early Medieval Europe after the Ethnic Paradigm [MERC] view
38 Characterization of Lithic Material in Prehistory, Methods, Problems, Results view
39 Presentism and the Archaeologies of the Present: Engaged Practices and Methodologies view
45 Becoming Roman: The Role of Biological Resources in the Expansion of New Economic and Cultural Models throughout the Empire view
51 Conquest, Migration and Cultural Change in the Medieval Mediterranean [MERC] view
53 Technology, Regionalisation and Environmental Adaptation in Europe and beyond [PaM] view
67 Cremation Funerary Practices across the Roman Empire: A Bioarchaeological Approach view
83 Climatic Changes in the Medieval World: Evidence for Adaptation and Resilience [MERC] view
85 Understanding Neanderthal Symbolic and Cultural Behaviour and Their Cognitive Underpinnings. Where Do We Stand? [PaM] view
86 Prehistoric Warriorhood in Transition view
90 The Technology and Use of Metals in the Prehistoric Eastern Mediterranean: Recent Advances through Microscale Analysis view
93 Beyond the Chronology and Pathways of Dispersal: Reasoning the Use and Abandonment of Broomcorn Millet Cultivation across Eurasia view
96 Neither River nor Lake: Human-made ‘Waterscapes’. The Use of Ground- and Rainwater in Neolithic Times view
98 Hunter-Gatherer’s Societies in the Southwestern Europe between 18,500-10,000 cal. BP [PaM] view
100 Human Forensic Taphonomy – How Multidisciplinary Approaches Shed Light on Past Funerary Practices view
102 Campaigning Strategies for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage - Principles, Strategies, and Practical Experiences [CIfA] view
108 The Times Are a Changing - Socio-Cultural and Ecological Change during the Atlantic Biozone and Their Impact on Human Life [PaM] view
109 Animal and Plant Management in Prehistoric Hunter-Fisher-Gatherer Communities [PaM] view
112 Prehistoric Inter-Societal Dynamics along the Atlantic Façade II. Neolithic to the Iron Age view
126 Limiting Spaces: The Attribution of Spatial Meaning through the Creation of Boundaries view
127 Integrations, Interactions, and Intersections in Islamic Archaeologies of Afro-Eurasia [MERC] [CIfA] [SAfA] view
128 Above and around 60 Degrees North: Movement of Ideas, Practices, Materials and People AD 300-1300 view
129 Populism, Authoritarianism, Autocracy and Other Kids of Neo-liberalism – in Academia and Archaeology view
130 New Interactions and Relations with Heritage. Different Approaches between Heritage and Stakeholders view
134 In the Margins of the Fabric: Towards a Social Archaeology of Industrial Impact in the Modern and Contemporary Eras view
135 The Medieval Marketplace in Europe - Interdisciplinary and Theoretical Approaches to Its Biographies and Developments [MERC] view
142 Gender Archaeology at the Crossroads: The Future and Its Challenges [AGE] view
143 The Evolution of Coastal Archaeological Sites: Submerged, Preserved, in Flux view
149 Interactions, Innovation and Communication in the Late Neolithic and Copper Age view
153 Apps and Archaeology. Use of Apps as Archaeological Tools view
154 Towards an Archaeology of Household Practices – Current Archaeological and Scientific Contributions view
157 Finds Stories: Archaeological Biographies in Contexts of Mobility view
161 Peripheral Regions in the Prehistory of Temperate Europe view
162 Digital Humanities and Medieval Archaeology: Re-Integrating Isolated, Fragmented and Overlooked Archaeological Evidence [MERC] view
170 The Houses of Death as Ancestral Monuments. The Archaeology of Neolithic Long Barrows in Europe view
174 Rhythms of Life. Exploring the Imprints of Temporalities and Annual Cycles on Prehistoric Settled Life view
176 Ornaments as a Key to Understanding the Hunter-Gatherer to Farming Transition in Europe view
177 Organic Materials in Tombs: The Quiet Protagonists view
180 Multi-proxy Microarchaeological Approaches: State of the Art, New Advances, Limitations and Future Perspectives view
181 Control the Divine: Integrating Sacred Spaces and Rituals at the ‘Fringes’ (Ancient Central and South Asia) view
184 Center vs Periphery. Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Material Culture, Architecture, and Landscape in the Caucasus Region view
187 The Network Former: Trade and Exchange of Glass in Antiquity view
192 Multi-proxy Approaches to Kinship in the Greco-Roman World view
194 Safer-Spaces Policies in Archaeological Practice [EAA ExB] view
195 Silk: A Catalyst for Interconnection in the Sixth to Tenth Centuries AD/CE [MERC] view
196 “A Universe with an Additional Dimension”: The Socioenvironmental Archaeology of Fishing [PaM] view
197 Standardization in Qualitative and Quantitative Use-wear Analysis of Prehistoric Stone Tools: Discussing Issues and Solutions [PaM] view
198 From Fire to Light view
201 “For the Love” – The Impact and Potential of Amateur Enthusiasts on Archaeologial Sites and Activities view
203 Across the Maelstrom: Searching for New Departures in the Archaeology of the Viking Age [MERC] view
206 No Braudel for the Balkans? Forging a New, Interconnected Prehistory of the Balkan Peninsula view
207 Remembrance of Things Past: New Approaches to the Construction and Uses of Cultural Memory from Iron Age to Antiquity view
208 Telling Stories about Impacts of Academic Research in Archaeology on Society: Wider Lessons from the UK Research Excellence Framework Experience [EAA ExB] view
210 Digging Women: Use and Misuse of Ancient Women as Role Models in Archaeological Research and Dissemination [AGE] view
211 Right Here, Let’s Get It Right Now. Collaborative Creation of Standards and Guidance to Define Good Archaeology in Different Jurisdictions [CIfA] view
213 Isoscapes, Foodwebs and Provenance – Isotope Archaeology beyond Materials and Specialisations view
215 Facing Water Resources and Variations in Central Asia from Prehistory to Timurid Period: Disaster(s), Adaptation, Anticipation view
218 Science or Humanities – Whither Archaeology? view
220 Apprenticeship as Research Method [SAfA] view
221 Revisiting Husbandry and Subsistence in Southwestern Asia Using Integrated Approaches and the Latest Development in Bioarchaeology view
222 Ad Salubritatem Civitatum. The Archaeology of Water Evacuation Infrastructures in Roman Urban Settlements view
223 Winds of Change? Post-medieval and Historical Archaeology in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean view
224 Hunter-gatherers Resilience: Adaptation Patterns to Climatic Shifts at Different Latitudes from MIS3 to MIS 1 [PaM] view
225 Anarchy and Archaeology: Towards New Theoretical and Practical Perspectives view
226 Foreign vs Local in Medieval and Modern Age Foodways in the Baltic Sea Region view
229 Development and Use of Garden Archaeology in Different Parts of Europe, Comparing Individual Approaches, Interactions, Cooperation to Asses Their Effectiveness view
230 Sediment and Soil Archives to Decipher Human-environment Interactions in Wetland Landscapes from the Neolithic to the XXth Century view
231 Bioanthropology in Western Asia: Moving forward (A Session in Honour of Prof Holger Schutkowski) view
232 Dressing Europe: Mapping and Disseminating European Textile Heritage through Digital Resources view
233 Islands, Monasteries and Water Management [MERC] view
237 Protecting the Past Is the Key to the Future: Rights of Archaeological Heritage Stakeholders and Social Justice view
239 A Look beneath the Surface: Micro-archaeological and Geoarchaeological Approaches to the Study of Occupation Surfaces view
241 Archaeology as Study of the Future view
243 Coming Back to Life: Reuse of Medieval Buildings [MERC] view
245 CANCELLED Archaeological Narratives of Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Era view
248 New Approaches to Lithic Raw Material Studies: Inferring Past Human Mobility [PaM] view
250 From Local to Microregional and Beyond: Spatial Structures in and around the Early Medieval Carpathian Basin view
252 Borderline Lithics: From Spatial Patterns to Social Processes during the European Neolithization [PaM] view
253 CANCELLED More than Just LOUD? Putting Digital Data into Context view
254 Understanding the Dynamics of Making and Trading Goods across Medium and Long Distances in the 2nd Millennium BC view
256 Curation or Reburial — Current Practices and Decision Making on Storing Human Skeletons in Archaeological and Historical Collections view
257 Big Project, Big Data: Creating a Web of Knowledge view
260 Whose Pot Is It Anyway? Style, Influence, Integration and Meaning in European Ceramics [MERC] view
263 Craft Specialization in Worked Hard Osseous Materials: Conversations on a Complex Conceptual Category in Archaeology view
264 Bioarchaeological Approach to Human Health throughout the Medieval Period in Europe [MERC] view
267 Towards the sea: human ecology, subsistence and adaptations along the European coasts from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Neolithic [PaM] view
268 Human Remains: Between Objects of Science and Lived Lives. Toward a New Ethics for Human Remains in Archaeology view
269 More than Walls and Fences - The Importance of Space and Boundaries in Systems of Violence and Oppression [MERC] view
271 The Social Role of Pottery and Potters in Neolithic and Copper Age Societies of the Balkans and Central Europe view
273 FAIRly Front-loading the Archive: Moving beyond Findable, Accessible and Interoperable to Reuse of Archaeological Data view
274 Approaches to Communities in the Past and the Present view
275 The Role of Archaeology (and Archaeologists) in the Covid-19 Recovery Plans across Europe and beyond [EAA ExB] [MERC] [CIfA] view
280 Pottery and Identity in the European Neolithic: The Interpretative Path between Archaeological Features and (Pre)Historical Narratives view
283 (Re)integration of the Carpathian Basin into the European Middle Palaeolithic: Cultural Contacts, Interregional Mobilities, Variability in Subsistence and Settlement Strategies [PaM] view
284 Visualizing, Interpreting, and Presenting Archaeological Sites to the Public view
285 Gender Dynamics at the Dawn of the Classical World: An Indigenous Perspective [AGE] view
286 Public Archaeology and Sites of Conflict [Public Archaeology Community] view
287 Macroarchaeology - Definition, Objectives and Applications of a New Archaeological Paradigm view
289 The Materiality of Lived Religion Under and After Rome [MERC] view
291 Interaction in Neolitization, Neolitization as Interaction. Archaeological Data and Analytical Procedures for Defining Interaction Contexts [PaM] view
298 Raw Material Acquisition, Management and Technological Choices from the Mesolithic to the Bronze Age in South-Eastern Europe [PaM] view
304 Investigating Székely History through Regional and Interdisciplinary Approaches view
305 Unravelling the Urban Palimpsest: The Re-use and Integration of Urban Fabric in Time and Space [Urban Archaeology Community] [MERC] view
306 Early Iron Age Landscape Transformations in the Carpathian Basin and Adjacent Areas view
309 From the Present to the Past and Back: Crossing Disciplinary and Time Boundaries in Agricultural Research view
311 Community Archaeology of the Edges: Challenges and Solutions view
312 Continuity and Discontinuity of Transport Systems from Antiquity to the Present view
315 New Technologies, New Trends, New Ethics in Cultural Heritage Management view
316 Small Objects Reflecting Great Changes [MERC] view
320 Archaeologies of Displacement Heritage, Memory, Materiality view
321 Human Resilience during Eurasian Paleolithic and Mesolithic from a Bioarchaeological Perspective [PaM] view
323 Microhistory and Social Archaeology in Western Europe [MERC] view
324 Roman Housing on the Shores of the Eastern Mediterranean. Global Trends, Local Responses? view
325 “Open Science” in Archaeology and Heritage: Challenges and Future Perspectives view
326 Machine Learning and the Creation of Archaeological Narratives view
327 Stone Age Stray Finds and How to Use Them [PaM] view
330 Sustainability in Archaeology and Today: An Interdisciplinary Approach view
331 Possibilities and Challenges of the Archaeological Science Revolution in the Caucasus view
336 Experimental approaches to Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Archaeology [PaM] view
337 Archaeology Matters. The Need to Re-define the Relevance of Archaeology [EAA ExB] view
338 Pottery from Post-medieval Period in Carpathian Basin. Evolution or Revolution? view
339 "More than Just Bones” - Understanding Past Human Adaption and Behaviour through the Study of Human Remains view
340 North European Trading Networks for Iron and Copper [MERC] view
341 Oversea and Inland – Culture Contact Dynamics in the Mediterranean during the 1st Millennium BCE view
342 What Do Archaeologists Want from a Distributed Science Infrastructure? Introducing IPERION HS and E-RIHS view
343 Metals and Metalworking in the Borderlands view
344 Integrating Neandertal Legacy: New Opportunities for Cooperation [PaM] view
345 Let It Burn! Experimental and Ethnoarchaeological Approaches in Pyroarchaeology view
346 Bringing Roman Coarse Ware to the Point: The Challenge of a Common Approach [MERC] view
347 Natural Resources of Highlands and Hinterlands in the Mediterranean view
349 Dark Horse – Archaeologies of Horses and Horse Culture in the Middle Ages view
350 [Re]Integrating a Dispersed Agenda: Advancing Archaeological Research in Central Eurasia view
351 Routed Archaeology III – Getting around view
353 Ethics, Conflict Archaeology and Society in the 20th and 21st Centuries view
354 ‘Hidden Hillforts’. The Importance of Archival Sources for the Future Study of Fortifications [COMFORT] view
355 Re-visiting the Global/Local Continuum in Archaeological Heritage Practice: Contrasting Histories, Perspectives, and Experiences within and beyond Europe view
358 Can You See Me? Putting the 'Human' Back into 'Human-Plant Interactions’ [ARCHWILD] view
359 Borderlands, Interaction Zones, and Bounded Spaces in the Prehistoric Eastern Mediterranean: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Reconstruction of Connectivity view
362 Balkan Archaeology as a Laboratory: Challenging Old Paradigms and Experimenting with New Ones view
365 Life and Death behind the Wall: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Monasticism in Past view
366 Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Analysis of Funerary Archaeology during the Bronze - Iron Age Transition in Atlantic Europe view
367 Agent-based Modelling of Socio-ecological Systems in Archaeology. Towards a New Research Community view
368 Avocational Metal-Detecting in Europe: International Experiences and Local Considerations view
369 Commerce in the Late Antique West: Approaches to Analyse Trade Networks in Times of Change view
371 Population History and Community Formation in Early Medieval East-Central Europe: Integrating Genetic, Isotopic, Archaeological and Historical Perspectives view
372 Advances in Geometric Morphometric Methods Applied to Lithic Studies [PaM] view
373 Discussing the Future of Big Data for the Study of the Human Past view
374 The Archaeobotanical Puzzle: (Dis)Integrating Botanical Proxies to Better Comprehend Past Plant-People Interactions view
375 The Societal Impacts of Climate Changes in the Past – What Can Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology Contribute to the Current Debate? [PaM] view
376 Economic Systems in the Neolithic and Bronze Age: Pathways of Production, Consumption, Storage, Control and Exchange view
378 Moving beyond the Fact of Mobility? Re-evaluating the Strengths and Limitations of Strontium Isotope Analyses in Archaeology view
379 The Archaeology of Large-scale Conflicts: The Emergence of the Mongol Empire and the Invasion of Central-Europe in its Eurasian Context [MERC] view
380 Can you Future Proof Skill Development Work in Archaeology? [CIfA] view
381 Waterscapes: Traces of Interaction between People and Water from Neolithic to Bronze Age Europe view
382 Technology, Risk, and Change view
383 Scaling up: Archaeological Science Contributions to Big-picture Narratives on Human-Animal Relations view
384 Women’s Status and Agency in the Neolithic and Metal Ages of Central Europe [AGE] view
385 Place Name and Archaeology – New Interdisciplinary Approaches in Europe [MERC] view
388 Towards an Open Platform for Computer Simulations of Past Socio-ecological Systems view
389 Moving into the Mediterranean – New Developments in the Research on Genetics, Mobility, Culture Change and Languages view
390 All on Walls. Current Issues on Historical Wall Painting Science, Conservation, and Restoration view
392 The Anti-HABI Toolkit: Practical Solutions and Measures for Preventing and Addressing Harassment, Assault, Bullying and Intimidation in Archaeology [AGE] view
394 So Many Settlements so Few Graves? Neolithic and Chalcolithic Practices with the Dead in Circum Pontic Region and Southeastern Europe view
395 Medieval Stone Monuments: Reuse and (Re)Integration [MERC] view
396 Reenactment and Living Museum – Make History Accessible view
397 Archaeological Prospection and Field Evaluation Practice from Bologna Process to Convention of La Valetta. Do We Practice What We Preach? [Archaeological Prospection] view
399 Linking Databases for Comparing Research: Do We Need a European Hillfort Information System? [COMFORT] view
400 Step by Step. The Rough Road towards Community Archaeology view
401 To Use or Not to Use: 3D Documentation in Fieldwork and in the Lab [3D-Archaeology] view
402 Scaling Bronze Age Societies – Between the Micro and Macro view
403 Domestication of Space: Internal and External Dwelling Structures in Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Sites [PaM] view
404 Socio-environmental Systems and Resilience to Disturbance Regimes view
406 Ancient and Traditional Crafts in Changing Environments: Addressing the Needs for Temporal Perspectives view
407 Digital Religioscapes: Current Methodologies and Novelties in the Analysis of Sacr(aliz)ed Spaces view
416 Challenging Island Archaeology with the Third Science Revolution view
417 As Far as Vases Go: Studies on Ancient Greek Pottery Trade and Its Contexts view
419 Using Forensic Archaeological Approaches to Inform the Past view
420 EAA Community for Climate Change and Heritage (CCH) Roundtable view
421 Space Syntax: The Material Imprints of Spatial Integration Processes view
422 ‘… In with the New!’: The Future of Archaeological Research in Medieval Europe [MERC] view
424 Actors, Not Spectators. Community Representation in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in the 21st century view
426 From Isotope Ratios to Narratives: Exploring the Ways that Biogeochemical Studies are Impacting Eurasian Archaeology view
427 Prehistoric Histories: Linking Individual Agency and Broad Transformations view
430 Percussive Osseous Industry a Human Revolution between Pre-formation and Waste Selection [PaM] view
432 Logistics and Natural Resources: Supply and Transportation through Time (5th century BC – 5th century AD) view
434 Creation of European Identities – Food, Textiles and Metals in the Iron Age Between Alps, Pannonia and Balkans view
436 General session [MERC] [CIfA] [SAfA] view