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# Title
5 Understanding Prehistoric Demography view
16 “Economic Archaeology” and Quantitative Approaches – Measuring the Variations in Production and Consumption from Archaeological Data view
21 Domesticating Time: Temporal Changes in Animals and Plants during the Holocene view
22 A United Europe of Things 2. Large Scale and Local Networks of Differences and Similarities in Medieval Material Culture [MERC] view
34 Scales of Interaction in the Bronze and Iron Age Central Mediterranean view
35 Human Mobility and Archaeological Thought: Moving forward view
46 Advancing Skyscape and Landscape Archaeologies: Relations with the Sky. Interactions between Disciplines view
48 Ebb & Flow: Exploring Rivers from Prehistory to the Present Day view
49 Luxury in Life and Death in the European Iron Age. Identity - Elite Networks - Economy - Arts and Crafts view
57 A Martial World or a Diverse Community? Gender, Social Stratification and Minorities on Castles [MERC] view
85 Islamic Archaeology in Europe and Beyond: Widening Horizons, Blurring Boundaries. Part 1 [MERC] view
86 Islamic Archaeology in Europe and Beyond: Widening Horizons, Blurring Boundaries. Part 2 [MERC] view
87 The Material Culture of Attachment: Social Bonds, Childhood and Emotionally Important Objects view
94 Decision-making in Archaeological Heritage Management: Moving forward view
95 Arts in Work: About the Interaction of Soundscapes and Taskscapes in Antiquity view
97 Redrawing Lines in the Sand: New Archaeological Approaches to Addressing Climate Impacts [CCH] view
100 To Gender or not to Gender? Exploring Gender Variations through Time and Space [AGE] view
101 On the Shoulders of Prometheus: International Collaboration and the Archaeology of the South Caucasus view
111 Preserving Transformative ‘Palimpsests’: The Role of Digital Heritage and Participative Approaches in Current Urban Archaeology view
114 1200 BC from the Atlantic to Asia: Social Collapse and Resilience in Regional Perspective. Part 1 view
115 1200 BC from the Atlantic to Asia: Social Collapse and Resilience in Regional Perspective. Part 2 view
116 The Archaeology of Magyar Raids in Western and Eastern Europe [MERC] view
119 On Class, Elitism, and Poverty: Archaeology and Social Class view
120 What Is “Social” in Social Archaeology? Re-evaluating Social Theory and Its Impact in European Prehistory view
130 BIG-BIO: Opportunities and Challenges of BIG Data with a Focus on BIO-Archaeology view
131 The Place of Queer Theory in Current Archaeological Debates: All T, No Shade? [AGE] view
140 Compensation in Architecture and Archaeology - On Compensation as a Concept, Method, and Professional Practice view
141 Between Bones and Beliefs: Human-Bird Relations in Central and Northern Europe in the 1st Millennium AD view
143 Dendroarchaeology: Wood Science for the Reconstruction of Past Landscapes and Human-Environment Interactions Based on Archaeological and Historical Studies of Wood Remains [MERC] [CIfA] view
144 The Ever Changing Coast: Interactions of People, Landscapes and Environment along Europe’s Seas in High-Resolution view
149 Bioarchaeology of Health, Lifestyle and Social Change in the Later Middle Ages [MERC] view
152 Ancient West Asia and Egyptian Soundscapes in Contact view
153 Archaeology in the Digitocene Age: Discussing Critical Approaches, Onto-Ethics, and Policies of Digital Practices view
156 Users of Heritage: Critical Appraisal of the Adoption of Citizen Science in Digital Processes of Archaeological Knowledge Production view
164 Constructive Conservation: Making Monuments Useful view
165 People Power? Past, Present and Future for Public Participation in Archaeological Fieldwork [MERC] [CIfA] view
167 Dirty Heritage: Towards an Archaeology of Consumption, Waste and Environmental Change view
169 Periodicity and Cyclicity in Prehistoric Practice as Seen in Waterlogged Contexts view
171 The Emergence of Social Inequality in Europe and Southwest Asia: From the Later Upper Palaeolithic to the Early Bronze Age view
172 Sacrifice & Value: Seeking an Anthropological Archaeology of Sacrifice view
178 Between Autochthonism, Marxism and Turboslavism: Concepts of Slavs and Slavic Origins Through Space and Time [MERC] view
179 The Geoarchaeology and Sustainability of Cultivation Terraces and Lynchets in Europe view
180 Protecting Archaeological Heritage in the Globalisation Era: Trends, Challenges, Solutions [Illicit Trade] view
188 Beast and Human: Northern Europe, from the Bronze Age to Modern Times view
192 Landscapes and the Augustan Revolution: Exploring the Transformation of the Western Provinces between the Republic and the Early Empire view
202 Ancient Cultural Routes: Past Transportation as a Two-Way Interaction between Society and Environment view
204 Are We Really Strategic? Devising and Implementing Archaeological Strategies view
205 Lithic Raw Materials in Prehistory: Methods, Practice and Theory. Part 1 view
206 Lithic Raw Materials in Prehistory: Methods, Practice and Theory. Part 2 view
207 Combustion Features in Mediterranean Late Prehistory: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Their Uses and Functions view
213 Routed Archaeology II - Archaeological Routes and New Technologies view
214 Kingship in Early Medieval Europe: Places of Royal Power and Ritual [MERC] view
216 Horizon Europe: Addressing the Priorities view
217 Prehistoric Landscapes under the Bog: Tracing Cultural Responses to Environmental Change view
219 The Historical Ecology of Reclamation Landscapes: Towards a Cross-Cultural Comparative Perspective view
221 Connecting Prehistoric Anatolia and Europe through Foodways view
222 Lost in Translation: Transformed and Forgotten Knowledge view
228 Agricultural Change and Social Inequality: Approaching Complexity view
230 Stories and Compassion: Material Culture, Memory, and Emotion view
231 Embracing Change: New Insights and Theories on the Changing “European Worlds” from the 3rd and 2nd Millennium BC view
232 Swords to Ploughshares – Conciliation as an Alternative to Conflicts. A Diachronic Perspective between Late Neolithic and Viking Age view
233 In Search of the Urban Habitat: Exploring the Connection between Towns and Their Environment in Time and Space [Urban Archaeology] [MERC] view
235 Is Machine Learning in Archaeology Fact or Fiction? view
236 Representation matters – Diversity in Visual Representations of the Past view
238 Human Visual Archives, Globally. Materials, Forms and Meanings of Human Representations in Ancient Times [SAfA] view
244 The Sea and the City: Unravelling Stories from the Seafaring World from the 9th to the 18th Century [MERC] view
245 Lost in Translation? - Interplay of Archaeological Theory and Scientific Practice as Key for Modern Archaeological Reasoning view
246 IMPR – Phytoliths in Integrated Archaeobotanical and Ethnoarchaeological Studies view
247 Pleistocene Early Weaponry Technologies: A Multifaceted Mosaic of New Evidence and Behaviours [PaM] view
249 Forestry, Subsistence and Industry: The Character and Conservation of Woodland Heritage view
251 IMPR – Phytolith Identification, Classification and Morphometry view
256 IMPR – Phytoliths Biogeochemistry - From Phytoliths Formation and Role in Modern Plants to New Proxies for Archaeology and Palaeoecology view
259 Mobile Pastoralism, Salt and Cheese. Ethnographic Perspectives on the Spatial Configuration of a Long-Term Mediterranean Triad view
260 Probatio Diabolica: Absence of Evidence Is Not Evidence of Absence view
265 Sweet and Sour: Successes and Challenges of Collaboration in Enhancing Resilience and Sustainable Management in Archaeology [Public Archaeology] view
267 History of Measuring and Calculations in Archaeology view
268 At the Edge: Liminal Architecture During the Medieval Period or Liminal Architecture: resisting the stereotype [MERC] view
269 Between Variability and Singularity: Crossing Theoretical, Qualitative and Computer-based Approaches to Types and Typologies in Archaeology [PaM] view
273 Towards an International Archaeology of Fortifications: Methodologies and Interpretations [COMFORT] view
276 Crossed Approaches to Transitions in the Neolithic: Understanding Social Mechanisms Underlying Material Culture Transformation Using the Concept of Chaîne Opératoire view
277 Living in the Mountains: Settlement Strategies from the Beginning of the Holocene to Modern Times in Southern Europe. Part 1 view
278 Systemic Approaches to Agricultural and Land Use Change in Prehistoric Societies. Part 1 view
279 Living in the Mountains: Settlement Strategies from the Beginning of the Holocene to Modern Times in Southern Europe. Part 2 view
281 Resource Use and Recycling in Urban Ecologies view
282 Systemic Approaches to Agricultural and Land Use Change in Prehistoric Societies. Part 2 view
284 Innovations, Ideology and Interactions - The Narratives of Early Modern Decorated Earthenware [MERC] view
287 Economic and Technological Networks of the Eurasian Steppes view
294 Widening Horizons – Contributing to Communities in a post-Covid-19 World through Increasing Access to Archaeology and Heritage view
295 Beyond the Far Horizon: Evaluating Regional Survey in the Western Iberian Peninsula. The State-of-the-Art and Future Prospects [FIDO; Archaeological Prospection] view
296 Tracing Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers in Their Environment: Challenges and Perspectives for Prospecting Elusive Lifeways [PaM; Archaeological Prospection] view
297 Modelling Complexity: Past Interactions between People, Climate and Environment [PaM] view
298 The Long Fourth Century BC: Tracing the Transformation of Southern Italy in Its Mediterranean Context view
300 Contact – the ‘Other’ in Experimental Use-Wear Studies view
313 Earth, Water and Fire: Approaching Living Habitat and Community Landscape Management view
315 Conflict Escalation and De-escalation in Urbanity view
318 How Can Metal Corrosion Products Contribute to Archaeological Research? - Archaeometallurgy@EAA, Part 1 view
319 IMPR - Phytoliths in Geoarchaeology and Micromorphology view
321 Contemporary Approaches to the Investigation and Management of Archaeological Resources in Alluvial Environments view
322 Small-Island Resilience and Vulnerability view
326 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Phytoliths (But Were Afraid...): Their Contribution to the Modeling of Past Human Behavior view
327 Engendering Public Archaeology [AGE] view
330 The Carpathian Basin as a Melting Pot? Perspectives on Social and Cultural Diversity from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age view
334 Human-Environmental Networks in Healing Cults, Rural Sanctuaries and Sacred Groves between Intersectionality and Transcultural Negotiation view
337 Deciphering turning points in Human-Environmental Interaction view
339 Social Networks of Non-Urban Settlements during the Early and High Middle Ages in Europe [MERC] view
340 IMPR - Phytoliths as a Proxy for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction view
341 Wide Horizons - No Limits? Dynamically Formulating the Boundaries of Archaeology [SAfA] view
342 IMPR - Microscopy Session: Phytoliths in Soil Thin Sections view
343 The Rise of Patriarchy. An Archaeological View [AGE] view
344 How Many People? Archaeological Approaches to the Study of Past Demography view
346 Mortality, Materiality, and Meaning – Employing Archaeological Material Science for the Reconstruction of Funerary and Ritual Practices view
347 Public and Community Archaeology in a (Post-)Covid Landscape [Public Archaeology] view
348 Derivatives of Their Men? Alternatives to the “Woman Problem” in Mortuary Archaeology [AGE] view
350 Keeping Apart and Coming Together: Mobility Restrictions and Confinement as Health Practices in a Longue Durée Perspective [MERC] view
351 Between Style and Function: The Technology of Neolithic Pottery Finishes in SE Europe view
352 Empowering the Voiceless. The Role of the Rural Population in State Building and Christianisation in East-Central Europe [MERC] view
354 The Plant Story. Cultivation and Use of Plants in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in the Central and Eastern Europe view
355 Community Archaeology and Climate Threat Response view
359 Food Cultures in Ancient Societies view
360 Rock Art Technology: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches. Part 1 view
361 Rock Art Technology: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches. Part 2 view
362 Mounds and Monumentality in Broader Perspectives: Digital and Non-Digital Techniques to Explore Past Barrow Landscapes view
365 “Invisible Products”- Scientific Advancements in Identifying Animal Secondary Products and Their Contribution to Understanding Animal Domestication and Human-Animal Relationships view
367 Ideological, Technological & Economic Change in the First Millennium BCE at the Eurasian Extremities: Japan and Britain in Wider Context view
368 A Dark Golden Age. New Approaches in the Research of the Circumalpine Middle Bronze Age view
370 The Tangible and the Intangible: New Vistas on Cultural Heritage Documentation and Management view
373 Social Interaction in Heritage Environments view
375 Archaeology, Language and Landscape view
377 A World of Clay II: From Fragments to Societies view
379 The Interaction between Nomadism and Sedentism: An Approach through Religious Practices and Beliefs view
381 Children of the Bronze Age: Connecting Europe from the Time of Bell Beakers to the Urnfield Period view
382 From the Field to the Computer. The Validity of Quantitative Methods Regarding the Quality of Archaeological Data view
383 Social Transformations in Ancient Cyprus view
388 Prehistoric Inter-Societal Dynamics along the Atlantic Façade from the Neolithic to the Iron Age view
389 From Coast to Coast – Current Archaeological Research on Cultural Exchange along and across the Baltic Sea view
390 Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Archaeothanatological and Taphonomic Analyses of Human Remains view
392 Identity Politics and Culture(s) in Neolithic and Bronze Age Archaeology view
394 Who Were the First Potters? Current Research in Early Pottery Production in Western Eurasia. Part 1 view
395 Who Were the First Potters? Current Research in Early Pottery Production in Western Eurasia. Part 2 view
402 Climate and Environmental Change in the Nile Valley view
404 New Technologies, New Theories? Reflections on the Perception and Simulation of Building Environments and Architecture view
409 Archaeologists, Sites and Methodologies: Professional and Personal Networks in mid-20th-Century Europe (Part 2) view
411 A Community of Ancestors: The Urnfield Phenomenon in Northern Europe view
412 People on the Move: Changing Genes, Cultures and Languages view
415 Northern Eurasia in the Late Pleistocene-Holocene: Periphery or Transit Zone? [PaM] view
416 Visible to the eye? Transmission of ideas through everyday visual culture view
417 Connectivity in Later Prehistoric Europe: Mobility, Trade and Interaction from the 2nd Millennium BCE to the 1st Millennium AD view
418 Should I Stay or Should I Go? Patterns of Mobility in Prehistoric Sedentary and Pastoralist Societies view
421 Demography in Archaeology beyond Boom and Bust? Critical Examinations of Phases of Under- and Overpopulation view
427 Island Sustainability and Resilience in Europe: Archaeological, Palaeoecological and Historical Approaches view
428 Adult Age-at-Death in Past Populations: Widening Horizons of Methods, Approaches and Interpretations view
432 Perspectives on Bronze Age Changes view
435 Post-medieval Europe and Widening Horizons [MERC] view
436 Creativity and Resourcefulness Online: How Archaeologists and Heritage Educators Overcame the Pandemic and Reached the Public in New Ways view
438 Tracing Baptism in the Archaeological Record [MERC] view
440 ‘Touching Objects, Feeling Materials’: Material Transformations, Technology and Sensoriality in Ancient Material Culture view
441 The Archaeology of Coastal Communities [MERC] view
442 Misuse of the Medieval in the Early 21st Century [MERC] view
443 Re-Imagining How We Create and Develop Archaeologists in a Post-COVID World [CIfA] view
445 Digital Methods and Typology: New Horizons view
452 European Crypt Burials II - A Heritage (Still) at Risk between Science and Public Display [MERC] view
453 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Environmental and Human Fingerprints of the Roman Period view
454 Applied Archaeology – New Directions for the Discipline in a Changing World view
456 From Contemporary Knowns to Past Unknowns - Unlocking Ancient Human-Environment Interconnections via Modern Isotopic Records view
462 Assessing the Impact of Major Climatic and/or Environmental Events on Human Culture and Subsistence view
463 What Really Was a Castle?: Widening the Horizons of Interdisciplinary Interpretation [MERC] view
465 Soil and Sediment Micromorphology in Archaeology view
467 The Future is Now: Sustainable Approaches to Post-Pandemic Understanding and Management of Cultural Heritage view
468 Biosocial Archaeology: When Ancient DNA Opens the Discussion to Social Structures view
469 Coast Land Contacts – The Southern Baltic Area in Early Historical Times (1 – 600 AD) [MERC] view
470 Recent Chronology: Challenging Copper Age Historical Narratives in Central, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe view
471 What’s So Cultural about Appropriation? Archaeological Perspectives on Cultural Annexations view
472 EAA Community Climate Change and Heritage' (CCH) Roundtable view
473 Cross-Channel Connections: Complementary New Perspectives on Later Medieval Archaeology in France, Belgium, Netherlands, and the British Isles [MERC] view
475 Human Bone and Tooth Artefacts in Hunter-Gatherer Contexts – Case Studies, Analyses, Interpretations and Theories view
476 Understanding and Expanding Capacity in Archaeological Data Management beyond Western Europe view
479 From Climate Change to Activism: How Can European Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology Contribute towards Broader Contemporary Debates? [PaM] view
480 How Much Shape Matters? Approaches in Pottery Studies view
482 Moulding the World. Craftsmen and Craftsmanship between the Baltic and the Carpathians in the Light of Archaeometallurgical Research (2600-500 BC) view
486 Hunter-Fisher Social Ecology in Forested Environments: Approaching Boreal Naturecultures view
487 A network for agent-based modelling of socio-ecological systems in Archaeology (NASA) view
489 Widening Horizons: Sharing Perspectives on Professional Practice in Europe [CIfA] view
490 Universal Design or How to Guarantee Access to All on Archaeological Sites and Parks view
491 Untangling Life Cycles in Multi-Functional Domestic Areas: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Analyse Space Use and Transformation in the Mediterranean view
492 Scientists, Submitters and Scroungers: Alternative Views on Radiocarbon Dating in Archaeology view
493 ‘How the Neolithic Created the Bronze Age’: Neolithic Societies of Europe on the Eve of Metallurgy view
495 Covid 19: Assessing the Impact and Planning for a Different Future for Archaeological Heritage Tourism view
496 A World of Clay I: Widening Analytical Horizons view
497 What Do My Data Signify? How Can This Theory Be Supported? Interrogating Connections between Science and Theory in Funerary Archaeology view
498 Interdisciplinary Studies on Sicily: Case Studies and Methodology view
500 Integrating Neandertal Legacy: From Past to Present [PaM] view
501 Widening the Horizons of Archaeological Metalworking Studies - Archaeometallurgy@EAA, Part 2 view
503 Towards an Inclusive Future: A Strategy for Rock Art Research, Management and Social Value view
504 News from the Bronze Age – Scaling Dynamics and Narratives view
505 On the Move: Interdisciplinary Approaches in Studying Human Mobility view
508 Preserving the “Living Heritage” of Abandoned Lands. Archaeology and Sustainable Practices to Protect and Conserve Upland Landscapes view
509 Horseman-Horse Couple through Time and Space. Part 1 view
510 Horseman-Horse Couple through Time and Space. Part 2 view
511 A Crossroads between the Continents – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Interconnectedness in the Ancient Mediterranean view
513 Producing Power: Exploring the Relationship between Production and Socio-Economic Change in the Mediterranean from the Chalcolithic to the Iron Age view
514 Small but Significant: Exploring Neo-Eneolithic Miniature Representations as Material Objects view
515 New Realities? A Critical Approach to Recreating Objects for Examining and Presenting the Past view
516 From Critique to Synthesis: Transcending the Genomic Divide within Archaeology view
517 Consider the Collections: Rethinking Approaches to Colonial Museums for the 21st Century view
518 Worth the Effort: Evidence of Prehistoric Cross-Craft Interactions view
520 Integrating all Dimensions: 3D-Applications from Excavation to Research to Dissemination view
521 Shaping a Discipline: Knowledge Transmission and Exchange in the History of Archaeology. Part 1 view
522 Shaping a Discipline: Knowledge Transmission and Exchange in the History of Archaeology. Part 2 view
523 Settlements out of Nowhere – Theory and Practise of Detecting Settlements by Means of Combined Aerial Archaeology, Geophysics, Predicitve Modelling view
524 Medieval Glocalisation: Local Manifestations of Global Connections [MERC] view
525 Of the Water: Fish and Molluscs in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean view
528 Shifting the Focus: Mountains as Central Places in (Pre-)History view
529 Adding Flesh to the Bones: The Integration of Biochemical and Biomolecular Techniques in the Study of Human-Animal Relationships view
530 Breaking Points. Medieval and Modern Societies in Transition through Material Culture view
533 Bioarchaeological Approaches towards Understanding the Impact of Different Forms of Crises on Human Lifeways view
537 Human-Environment Interaction in Northern Eurasia from Micro- to Macro-Regional Level view
541 Pastoralism of the Past: Insights into Social, Cultural and Environmental (In)stability view
542 Europe’s Medieval Pasts: A Manifesto [MERC] view
543 Material Minds: Exploring the Interactions between Cultural Artefacts, Material Cutlure and Embodied Mind view
544 Archaeology Tourism and Sustainability view
545 Southeastern Europe in 5th and 4th Century BC - Indigenous Communities in Classical World view
546 Idiosyncratic Burials: Interpreting the Politics of Death and Dead Bodies view
547 Down by the River - Evidence of Material Culture for Prehistoric Waterborne Communication along European Rivers, Lakes and Coastal Waters view
548 Tracing the Past, Charting the Future: Exploring Archaeological Research Collaboration between the Americas and Europe view
549 Ancient Pastoralist Adaptations in the Eurasian Steppe: The Intersection of Biomolecular and Landscape Archaeology view
681 Mediterranean Archaeology: from Interconnected Patchworks to Overarching Inter- and Transdisciplinary Frameworks view
683 Contested Colonial Collecting: Revitalization, Repatriation and Reburial view
684 Imaginations and Imaginaries of the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic – Distorted Views, Embellishment, and What We Make of It [PaM] view
685 Between East and West. Material Studies of Social Interactions in 3rd Millennium BC on the Northern European Plains view
687 Medieval Stone Monuments: The Materiality of Remembrance [MERC] view
688 Society Facing Changes. Regions on the Southwest Baltic between 2500 - 1500 BC view
690 General session: New Methods and results [MERC] [CIfA] [SAfA] view
691 General Session: Burials, Rituals and Memories view
692 General Session: Environmental Impacts on History [MERC] [CIfA] [SAfA] view
693 General Session: Archaeology and the Public [CIfA] view